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Prince says yes to London, no to Paris

Plus: Scientology's helping hand for Katrina victims
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Paris Hilton may think Prince is hot — but looks like he thinks she’s not.

The partying heiress toasted the “Purple Rain” singer in a London club this week — only to have him sneak out the back. Hilton was reportedly drinking the powerful liquor absinthe at the club Kaberet Prophecy when she got into the DJ box and announced to the crowd, “I'm celebrating my birthday and Prince is in the house, so I want to play his new single because he's hot,” according to London's Sun newspaper.

The artist, hiding under a hood, quickly headed for the exit, but Hilton danced on the table tops until 3:30 a.m.

Scientology lends a handSome good news for victims of Katrina: Scientologists are setting up shop to help. But the move might not be greeted with joy by everyone.

Tom Cruise’s religion — which caused a controversy when critics questioned its efforts to help New York’s victims of 9/11 — is setting up a mission in Biloxi, Miss. In New York, Cruise helped open centers to address health concerns of first responders such as firefighters; some questioned the worker’s “detoxing” techniques and charged that the centers were used to recruit members.

“There have been so many Scientology volunteer ministers down here for Katrina relief work that there was a reach to open a mission," mission director Denise Quint told the Biloxi Sun Herald.

Notes from all overMatthew McConaughey says he never uses deodorant and makes his own cologne. ... Steve Erhardt, who has had so many plastic surgeries he’s known as the Human Ken Doll, says that his plastic surgeon is the same one who worked on Michael Jackson. He also told “The View” that his surgeon had talked him into additional procedures. ... Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas told Blender mag that the Lord told her to perform. “I, uh, I had a conversation with God, basically. I don't know how to interpret this, but he said, ‘I've given you this beautiful gift and you're throwing it away.’”

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