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Is Prince Harry still in line for the British throne?

There’s no denying that the tea cups of Buckingham Palace currently overfloweth with drama, but just because there are rifts, that does not mean Harry's position shifts.
/ Source: TODAY

Despite headlines of tiffs between Prince Harry and his family, the youngest son of King Charles III will indeed attend the coronation of his father in England on May 6 — raising more questions about where he and his family stand.

It’s not just the state of relationships that’s piqued interest, though. Many are also interested in how his father’s new role as monarch impacts Harry’s standing in line to the throne.

Like all members of the British royal family, Harry’s place in the ranks is based on proximity of his birth to the monarch. And though Harry and his wife, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, have stepped back as senior members of the royal family, he should still remain in the line of succession.

Harry was born in 1984 when his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, was monarch and his father was heir apparent. His older brother, Prince William, was (and still is) behind their father. Harry became third in succession to Elizabeth’s throne.

In the years since, Harry’s position in line moved downward with the addition of his niece and two nephews: Princess Charlotte of Wales, Prince George of Wales and Prince Louis of Wales. Then, with the passing of his grandmother Elizabeth, Harry’s position moved up again.

Though family lineage determines who sits on the throne, royal members have passed up on their inheritance due to conflicts and disagreements. These days — between blistering accusations of family slights and betrayals made by Harry in his memoir and a request for Harry and his wife to “vacate” Frogmore Cottage — it seems there is plenty of that to go around.

Still, when it comes to all things official, there’s only one answer as to whether the prince remains in line for the royal seat: yes, Harry is still in the line of succession. According to the official website of the British royal family, Harry is currently fifth in line to the throne.