Prince William reveals George's favorite movie — and it seems very appropriate

by Randee Dawn / / Source: TODAY

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It sounds like Prince George is crazy about another prince: Simba!

During an interview Monday, his dad Prince William answered a young boy's question: Just what does the 4-year-old prince like to watch?

Prince George
Prince George in September in London.Getty Images

"He quite likes 'The Lion King,'" says Prince William in a clip posted to Twitter. "We've watched that a few times."

As you may remember, "Lion King" is a classic 1994 Disney animated film about a young lion cub destined to rule, who after many adventures and songs like "Hakuna Matata," eventually comes to power.

We do not expect that George will have to undergo those same trials, though; Williams' brother Prince Harry is absolutely no wicked Scar.

The Lion King
Don't trust Scar, Simba! Alamy stock

Still, as it clearly proves: George just can't wait to be king!

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