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'Price Is Right' breaks a record! See the Showcase Showdown worth $80,000

In honor of host Drew Carey's 10th anniversary, the usual $1,000 reward was bumped up to $10,000 in the Showcase Showdown — and then it really got interesting.
/ Source: TODAY

It's not uncommon to hear contestants utter a hopeful chant of "big money!" as they spin the wheel in the Showcase Showdown on "The Price Is Right."

After all, getting $1 on the wheel actually earns $1,000 — and it means a bonus spin. Land on the $1 spot for the encore effort, and it can be worth up to $25,000.

But no one could have anticipated just how big the money would get during a recent record-breaking round of the fan-favorite competition.

In honor of host Drew Carey's 10th anniversary on the show, the usual $1,000 reward was bumped up to $10,000 on Friday's episode — and all three contestants got it!

But they were just getting warmed up.

Two out of the three lucky winners went on for a repeat, adding another $25,000 to their totals.

With a payout of $80,000 altogether, that proved to be the biggest combined jackpot in Showcase Showdown history.

The Price is Right - "The Price Is Right" Makes History With a Record Setting Showcase Showdown!
We had the same reaction while watching the historic Showcase Showdown.YouTube

We love "Price Is Right" records around here, especially since the grandmother of our very own meteorologist-and-more Dylan Dreyer was once the winningest contestant in the show's history.

"(My grandmother) won a house in Florida," Dylan explained in 2016. "She won an ice cream truck full of ice cream; she won Jaguars! They gave out big prizes back then."

They really did.

Adjusting for inflation, grandma (aka Doris Milke) raked in a haul worth more than a half million in today's dollars.

Big money indeed!