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'Price Is Right' contestants couldn't be more wrong when it comes to iPhone cost

Smartphones aren't cheap. Anyone who has — or has so much as contemplated purchasing — an iPhone knows that. But despite the fact that some of us consider the devices invaluable, it is possible to overestimate their true worth.

That became clear when "Price Is Right" host Drew Carey asked contestants to offer up their best guesses on a recent episode of the long-running game show.

Two of the four players weren't just off — they were off by thousands of dollars.

All they had to do was figure out was the approximate value of a 60G iPhone 6 (including the cost of a basic one-year calling and data plan).

The first guess? A whopping $7,500. That bid left the studio audience buzzing, but it did nothing to discourage the next contestant from topping it with $7,501!

"I hope the marketing people at Apple are watching this," Carey deadpanned.

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The actual retail price was $1,969 — considerable, sure, but considerably less than those estimates.

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