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Excellent! Presidential candidate Ted Cruz auditions for 'The Simpsons'

So this happened: Texas senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has made a video in which he auditions for "The Simpsons."
/ Source: TODAY

It's good to know that Texas senator Ted Cruz is keeping all of his employment options open if the whole run for the White House thing doesn't pan out.

In a video he made for BuzzFeed, the presidential hopeful announced that since Harry Shearer is retiring from his voice work on the long-running animated show "The Simpsons," he'd like to put himself forward as a replacement.

Learn more about the fate of Mr. Burns and other fan-favorite 'Simpsons' characters!

"I have been told many times I have a face for radio, and I have a face for animation," he says, following a run through of some credible (and not-so-credible) favorite voices from the show, including Mr. Burns, Kang, Homer and Maggie. (Hey, not all of those are even Shearer's!)

Ted Cruz and Mr. Burns.BuzzFeedVideo / FOX

Alas, he didn't pass the audition, according to "Simpsons" executive producer Al Jean. In a statement, Jean said, "He didn't ask permission, we don't endorse a specific candidate, and probably most disappointing for him, he's not getting the part."

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