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President Obama, Jerry Seinfeld talk underwear, world leaders on 'Comedians in Cars'

According to the host, President Barack Obama has "gotten off just enough funny lines" during his terms to fit the theme of the show.
/ Source: TODAY

Jerry Seinfeld returned for Season 7 of his Web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" Wednesday, but his latest coffee mate wasn't a fellow funny actor or stand-up comedian. It was the commander-in-chief.

What about the title of the show? According to the host, President Barack Obama has "gotten off just enough funny lines" during his terms to fit the theme.

Unlike the usual cruise-and-chat routine, the two didn't spend too much time behind the wheel, mostly because the secret service nixed the idea of going off-grounds. Instead, Obama and Seinfeld enjoyed sitting still in the presidential ride known as The Beast (aka Cadillac One).

"I could call in a nuclear submarine from right here," Obama deadpanned. "Plus seat warmers!"

But Seinfeld brought along a pretty cool car of his own: a 1963 sliver-blue Corvette Stingray. He even let the president take it for a quick spin in the driveway.

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The bulk of their time, however, was spent inside the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, wherein Seinfeld posed a number of personal and political questions.

President Barack Obama and Jerry Seinfeld on \"Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.\"

He found out the leader of the free world wears one single brand of underwear — and they're all the same color. (He didn't discover which brand or which color though!)

And what would Obama consider to be the ultimate presidential honor? "The Rushmore thing would be interesting," he said, though he noted that it's pretty exclusive real estate.

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As for all of those other world leaders out there, Seinfeld wanted to know how many are "just completely out of their minds."

“A pretty sizable percentage," the president admitted. "And part of what happens is, these guys, I think the longer they stay in office, the more likely that is to happen. …. At a certain point, your feet hurt, you’re having trouble peeing and you have absolute power."

The president also explained that after all these years in politics, he really knows his target demo.

"I do really well with the 0-8 demographic," he said. "[That's] partly because my ears are big, so I look a little like a cartoon character. And then little kids like saying my name. But it’s all one big name, like 'Barackobama!'"

You can catch the full episode online now.

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