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Pregnant Jamie Otis apologizes for Florida vacation during coronavirus outbreak

"I'm a registered nurse and I should know better. I’m ashamed of myself," Otis wrote on Instagram.
/ Source: TODAY

Jamie Otis is apologizing to fans for vacationing in Florida during the coronavirus outbreak.

The former "Married at First Sight" star, who's a registered nurse, took to Instagram over the weekend to say she was "ashamed" of herself for not taking the COVID-19 virus seriously.

"We fly home tomorrow and I’d be lying if I said I’m not scared. I wish we went home a couple weeks ago, but we didn’t realize how serious this coronavirus is," Otis captioned two snaps of herself with husband Doug Hehner, 36, and daughter Henley Grace, 2, at a beach in Siesta Key, Florida.

Otis, 33, said she tries "not to live in fear," and believed if she kept a "safe distance & sanitized myself, my family, and everything we touched," they would be fine living life "as normal as possible."

"During the last few weeks we obvs went to the beach. We went to the pool (but found a spot 6ft away from the few others who were there). We took Gracie to the playground but made sure to wash our hands really well after. All along I was risking our family and others without even realizing it," she wrote.

"I want to send out a sincere apology to YOU bc by me going out to 'live as normal as possible.' I was risking YOU and YOUR FAMILY. I’m a registered nurse and I should know better. I’m ashamed of myself for this and I’m genuinely sorry. We will not be living so frivolously any longer," she continued.

The "Bachelor" alum said the family was now taking precautions to protect themselves and those around them. They also planned to self-quarantine for two weeks after they got home. "I have gloves & masks for our trip home tomorrow & of course sanitizer... to protect ourselves and to protect *others* from us and our silly choices. It’ll be our last trip out for a long, long time," she shared.

"Our plan is to STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!" wrote Otis, adding, "I hope you’re staying safe, too! We will all get through this together. Sending you SO MUCH LOVE & thinking of YOU."

Otis announced in September that she and Hehner were expecting again after suffering multiple miscarriages. The couple tied the knot in March 2014 during the first season of Lifetime's "Married at First Sight."