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Post-walkout, ex-contestants come back to fight for a spot on the 'Biggest Loser'

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Ex-"Losers" returned for another shot at the competition on Tuesday night's show.

Last week on "The Biggest Loser," the contestants staged a mutiny when they got wind of a plan to bring back past players for a shot in the finals. Heck, two of them were so incensed they actually forfeited the game rather than endure the "unfair" (yet commonplace) twist. This week? They're baaaa-aack.

No, not mutineers Buddy and Mark, but rather those ex-"Losers" they were so worried about.

As Tuesday night's show opened, all of the former players (minus the disqualified quitters) filed into the weigh-in room -- including Jeremy, who fell below the red line after last week's drama.

"It better be me out of all of these people," Jeremy said in an on-camera confessional. "I don't know what we're going to have to do, but I have to be the person to beat at this."

And if anyone thinks that sounded just a bit entitled coming from a man who railed against this twist earlier, well, it does. And he wasn't the only one with that attitude.

"I definitely earned my spot as a finalist, as did Kim," said Jeremy's sister Conda. "But in my book there was already a final three. If there was going to be a third spot, it should be given to Jeremy. You don't give someone else a second chance when they've already been out."

No? Not only is that precisely what's been done on "Loser" (and several other reality TV competitions) at various points in each and every season, it's also precisely what she and Jeremy are hoping for now. After all, Jeremy's now one of those past players in need of a second chance.

With the irony completely lost on both siblings, the returning contestants took on the first and the simplest leg of the challenge: a weigh-in that would allow the eight top "Losers" to move on to the next round.

Cassandra, Emily, Mike, Chris, Lauren, Kimmy, Megan and yes, Jeremy earned that honor and met again the next day for the real workout.

The three heats that followed mimicked the ones the contestants tackled on day one.

This time, instead of a  40-yard dash, they raced 100 yards. That challenge went to Cassandra, Lauren, Megan and Mike. Jeremy, barely nosing out Kimmy, also moved on.

In the puzzle round, players had to shuffle weights labeled with foods, placing them in the correct order according to calories. After that it was down to Mike, Lauren and -- you guessed it! -- Jeremy.

Each remaining player stepped up on posts for a golden-ticket gripping endurance challenge. Lauren, who was originally eliminated in week 3, dropped out after two and a half hours in, leaving Mike, who got the boot in week 2, to battle it out with you-know-who.

And then ... Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

Ahem. Mike fell. Jeremy won.

Some "Biggest Loser" fans might find that victory just a smidge disappointing after all of Jeremy's drama and handwringing last week, but hey, he's thrilled.

"This will easily go down as the most triumphant moment of my life," he said.

No doubt.

What do you think of the new/old final three? Is it fair for Jeremy to come back into the game after he threatened to walk out over this very challenge? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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