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Will Justin Timberlake take over in ‘The Music Man’? Hugh Jackman weighs in

Hugh Jackman sits down with Hoda Kotb and reveals what he thinks about the possibility of Justin Timberlake taking over for him in the Broadway show.

If Hugh Jackman ever decides to step away from his role in "The Music Man," he already has a great successor in mind.

The actor, who stars as Professor Harold Hill in the Broadway show, sat down with TODAY's Hoda Kotb on Monday to discuss his role and addressed rumors that he might be grooming Justin Timberlake to take over for him one day.

“I’ll open for Justin Timberlake any day. That’d be awesome. JT, c’mon, I’m happy,” he joked.

"The Music Man" Opening Night
Hugh Jackman onstage during the opening night of "The Music Man" in February 2022. Bruce Glikas / FilmMagic

Jackman, 53, then suggested that if Timberlake were to take over for him, he'd be happy to fill in once in a while when the singer is on tour.

"I'll just step in, JT, don't worry. If you’re (touring) stadiums, don't worry, I'm there. Actually could you take me with you on the stadium (tour)? That'd be great," he said.

All joking aside, Jackman didn't rule out the possibility of the former 'N SYNC singer starring in "The Music Man" one day.

"We’ll see. Actually he’d be great in the part, he’s a great actor JT," he acknowledged.

"But you plan on being there for a little bit longer?" Hoda asked.

"Just 20 years," the actor quipped. "But you know, Justin will only be like 13 at that time. He's seemingly very young."

The actor had some fun catching up with Hoda Kotb.
The actor had some fun catching up with Hoda Kotb.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"The Music Man" holds a special place in Jackman's heart, especially since it was the first musical he ever acted in when he was 14. And he has a feeling that his late father is watching him on the stage from heaven with a smile on his face.

“My dad was the sweetest man and he would love this show. And the fact that he saw me do the show when I was 14, I could just see him crying his eyes out with joy,” he said.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Jackman had a close bond with his father, and he told Hoda that he always thinks about him when he's onstage and even has a photo of him in his dressing room. The actor also feels proud that his dad would've adored watching him on Broadway.

"The poor guy, he had to put up with so many movies that really are not his bag over the years. He would only ever say wonderful things but he would've absolutely loved it," he said. "I feel his presence all the time."