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Watch one 'Jeopardy!' contestant show off what fans are calling the 'weirdest' skill

Pittsburgh animator Julian Glander has a special talent you've likely never witnessed before.
Ken Jennings was baffled by Julian Glanders' talent. 
Ken Jennings was baffled by Julian Glanders' talent. Jeopardy! / Twitter

What is ... the strangest contestant interview anyone has ever given on "Jeopardy!"?

On last night's show, contestant Julian Glander had an answer to that question.

Glander, an animator from Pittsburgh, set out to defeat defending champion Mattea Roach. While he lost the game, he was catapulted into social media's spotlight by an odd and unusual talent he exhibited during the getting-to-know-you chat with host Ken Jennings.

The "interesting" moment was shared by the show on Twitter.

"What is it you can do?" Jennings asked Glander.

"Well, a lot of people can sing the alphabet backwards," he said, demonstrating by saying the letters Z, Y, X. "I can sing it fully in reverse."

"Isn't that the same thing?" Jennings asked.

"No," Glander said, and then began to sing the letters backwards while fully enunciating them. The result sounded something like a record being played backwards at a slowed-down speed — and yes, it definitely did sound a little eerie! The audience laughed uncomfortably during the performance and then applauded at its conclusion.

"Wow," said Jennings. "This is the first episode of 'Jeopardy!' guest directed by David Lynch, I think," he joked, referencing the unconventional director.

Jennings then said that they had recorded Glander singing this during rehearsal so that they could listen to it backwards. He then played the clip of Glander's bizarre chant, and amazingly, it sounded exactly like the alphabet!

"Very nice," commented Jennings. "And you know, I think I know who killed Laura Palmer now," he quipped, referencing the famously strange Lynch show "Twin Peaks."

Fans took to Twitter to respond to what had to be one of the most unusual contestant talents ever seen on the show.

"Instant Jeopardy contestant Q&A hall of fame," posted one viewer.

"This is possibly the greatest jeopardy contestant interview in history," added another viewer. "Or at least the weirdest."

Other fans of the show were a bit unnerved by Glander's talent.

"This is the most unsettling thing I've ever seen," wrote one person.

"Probably the single oddest thing I've ever seen on 'Jeopardy!'" said another.

Glander himself commented on Twitter about the strange yet intriguing interview he gave.

"my backup anecdote was about my collection of squished pennies but the producers were adamant about closing out the week with a satanic chant," he joked.