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Watch John Oliver react to meeting his viral impressionist: 'It's not bloody bad'

This guy may actually sound more like the comedian than the comedian himself.
/ Source: TODAY

Hey, John Oliver, meet … John Oliver.

The “Last Week Tonight” host recently appeared in a video with a man named Matthew Friend who did a spot-on impression of him.

“Well, good evening and welcome, welcome, welcome to John Oliver on the street. Now, who better to do this with than, ” Friend, wearing black glasses to make him look like his celebrity doppelganger, said as the camera panned to Oliver himself.

“Honestly, it’s not bloody bad,” the comedian said.

“I mean, what the f---? How many times do people do this to you? Is it annoying or what?” Friend asked while staying in character.

“I mean, honestly, it’s the first time it’s happened and I do rather hope it’s the last,” Oliver said.

Oliver joked that it was “slightly offensive” that an American was doing the impression before Friend wrapped up their encounter.

“Well, thank you very much. And, by the way, one more thing. If you were Adam Driver, this would make this impression even more sexy,” he said, prompting Oliver to chuckle. “Thank you very much.”

How exactly did the two wind up together? Well, they say timing is everything in comedy and this proved to be no exception.

“I did a stand-up set at West Side Comedy Club in NYC, and John performed at the same show,” Friend told Entertainment Weekly. “After he went on, I told him that he was actually in my act that night!”

Friend is the latest TikToker to go viral for a spot-on celeb impression.

Big stars like Scarlett JohanssonRihannaTaylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston have all had popular dopplegangers on the platform.