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Steve and Marjorie Harvey are adorable in glamorous getting-ready video

The couple, who celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary last month, have been enjoying time together in the City of Lights.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey turned on the glam for a day out together with her hubby, "Family Feud" host Steve Harvey.

In a video she posted Wednesday on Instagram, Marjorie Elaine Harvey emerges from a room dressed in a stunning blue blazer and gold stiletto heels.

"Ready?" she asks her hubby, who gives her the once over, clearly liking what he sees.

"Yeah, I want it," jokes the TV personality, 65, who's dressed in a snazzy velvet suit.

"You already got it" his wife tells him before the two share a sweet smooch.

The cute clip comes the same day Steve Harvey shared a short montage of the fashion-forward couple leaving their hotel room during a recent stay in Paris.

The video shows the couple dressed to the nines on two occasions as they hold hands while stepping out onto a Parisian sidewalk.

In another clip, the Harveys strut their stuff — she in a stunning cream-colored pantsuit and he in an eye-catching print suit — as they make their way to a Fendi fashion show in the City of Lights.

Last month, the couple celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary.

Steve Harvey marked the occasion by pouring his heart out into a romantic letter for his wife, which was published in in Good Housekeeping’s July/August 2022 issue.

In the letter, the actor and comedian recalled seeing his future wife for the first time at one of his standup comedy shows in 1987.

“The very first thing I said to Marjorie was, ‘I don’t know who you are, but I’m going to marry you one day.’ That was the beginning,” he wrote.

The pair lost touch with one another but reconnected through mutual friends in 2005.

“When we reconnected, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be,” Harvey recalled. “Even though I was making moves, I had nothing. I was in a dark space for quite some time, and I think all the stars aligned for us at the right moment.”

But after the two got together, life changed for the TV personality, who called his wife "somebody I could start over with."

"You were willing to get in that foxhole with me and grow with me," he wrote adoringly.

"It was just a perfect fit," added Harvey. "It’s hard to explain. It wasn’t work. It wasn’t hard to be together. We laughed all the time. You made me happy. I made you happy."

Harvey concluded his love note by thanking his wife for changing his life.

"If people get tired of hearing me say that, that’s OK. It doesn’t change the facts. You are the single biggest reason outside of God’s grace that I am where I am today. You’re the one."