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'SNL' celebrates Mother's Day by poking fun at 'specific and personal' decorative signs

"Saturday Night Live" brought back a fan-favorite sketch for their annual Mother's Day episode.
The sketch started sweetly before taking a negative turn. 
The sketch started sweetly before taking a negative turn. 'SNL'/NBC

Last year, “Saturday Night Live” tackled decor for wine-loving moms in a sketch where cast member Aidy Bryant was bombarded with a series of kitschy-turned-crass wooden signs.

For this year's “SNL” Mother’s Day episode, the show re-created the sketch with Bryant, who was joined by the night’s host, Benedict Cumberbatch, as her husband. Mikey Day joined the sketch as her son, along with Chloe Fineman as her daughter and Andrew Dismukes as her son-in-law. The sketch begins with the family sitting in the living room to celebrate the holiday, surrounded by multiple gift bags scattered across the floor.

The family encourages Bryant to open her gifts, beginning with one from Fineman which contains a wooden sign reading, “Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a Mother!”

Cumberbatch goes next, handing over his gift bag with another wooden sign that reads, “Mom turned upside down spells wow!”

Things begin to take a turn when Day gives Bryant his gift, which turns out to be yet another wooden sign. This time, though, the sweet sentiments are replaced with an insulting remark about breastfeeding and how it affected her appearance in a bathing suit. After her family reacted positively to the sign, Bryant appeared concerned, saying, “I guess I thought this one would have a little funny rhyme or something.”

Dismukes then shares his own gift with his mother-in-law, which includes a sign that read, “Having a mother-in-law is like having crabs," which caused more confusion from Bryant.

The signs quickly took a passive-aggressive signs.
The signs quickly took a passive-aggressive signs.'SNL'/NBC

Bryant becomes inundated with increasingly more offensive wooden signs from her family, including one that read “Were your ears ringing? I was in therapy,” and another from her husband that insinuated that their sex life has been affected by having grown children.

As Bryant expresses her concern for the “specific and personal” messages, the family doesn’t appear to feel the same way, continuing to dole out gifts not only for her, but ones for themselves, too.

“Okay, I want to read this one,” Fineman said, holding up a sign with a message from her directed to Bryant.

“Dear Mom, if you died & Dad remarried it would be an adjustment but I feel like we would get to a place where we were able to call the new woman Mom," she read. "Happy Mother’s Day!"

Chloe Fineman's character looked too delighted to share a nasty sign.
Chloe Fineman's character looked too delighted to share a nasty sign. 'SNL'/NBC

Bryant interrupts the gift giving, telling her family, “Okay, I don’t understand, you know, usually these signs say something like ‘Caution, Mom needs wine!’ or something like that.”

Seconds later, she ended up receiving back-to-back wine-related decor which read “Oh look! It’s wine o’clock. I just love watching the sun rise,” and “I only drink on days that end in “Y” & during hours that have numbers in them.”

At one point, Bryant incredulously says, “I don’t drink that much!” to which Day hands her another gift with a sign that reads, “You do.”

When Bryant declares that Mother’s Day can be over, her family get upset, confessing that they might have gotten carried away with the gifts but they wanted her to enjoy her day. Fineman let Bryant know there was only one more gift she had to open if she was feeling up to it. Bryant unenthusiastically agreed, holding the seemingly sweet sign up as she read it to her family. 

“Mom, for all the times we forgot to thank you for all the special things you do there’s just one thing we need to mention. You’re the best. We love you,” she read, expressing her appreciation for the sentiment until she flipped down the bottom to reveal one more line. “We suspect Dad has a secret family.” 

Even a seemingly pleasant sign had a concerning comment.
Even a seemingly pleasant sign had a concerning comment.'SNL'/NBC

Fans at home and in the audience were thrilled to see another version of this sketch, with one commenter on YouTube writing, “the knowing laugh that came when aidy said ‘you know I love these little wooden signs’ was priceless. I’m so happy this character is back.”