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Anya Taylor-Joy on how Carrie Bradshaw gave her ‘hope’ during ‘horrendous breakup’

The actor says "Sex and the City" helped her when she was "down and out about love."

When Anya Taylor-Joy was going through a tough breakup, she found comfort in watching a show full of romantic ups and downs: “Sex and the City.”

The “Northman” star, 25, says she had the chance to tell Sarah Jessica Parker herself how much the show meant to her at a time when she was "down and out about love."

“I remember when I met Sarah Jessica Parker, I was going through a horrible breakup, and I went up to her and I was like, ‘I need you to know that I’m watching you and Big and it’s giving me hope,’” she said in a cover interview with British Vogue. “And she was like, ‘That things will work out?’ and I said, ‘No! That this will end and I will finally move on!’ She was like, ‘Oh, s---. Sorry.’”

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.
Carrie Bradshaw navigated her fair share of breakups in "Sex and the City."Alamy Stock Photo

Taylor-Joy, who rose to fame for her role as a chess prodigy in the 2020 Netflix miniseries “The Queen’s Gambit,” has since found love with musician and actor Malcolm McRae.

He celebrated her recent British Vogue cover with a sweet message in his Instagram story.

“My love is on the cover of @britishvogue. She’s a killa. The definition of elegant,” he wrote, sharing a mirror selfie of him and a smiling Taylor-Joy. 

McRae's post showed the two performers embracing as he celebrated her career in a sweet caption.
McRae's post showed the two performers embracing as he celebrated her career in a sweet caption. malcolmmcrae/ Instagram

“I’m so proud to watch these much-deserved moments unfold for her,” he added, along with the tagline, “only the beginning.”

Looking back on her single days, Taylor-Joy told British Vogue that she was never a fan of casual dating.

“I was not a good dater and I’m quite glad to not be,” she said. “I hear stories from my friends and I’m like, ‘God, I would suck at that.’”

Taylor-Joy, also known for her roles in “Emma” and “Last Night in Soho,” has kept her relationship with McRae fairly private. However, she did open up about why she and McRae are perfect for each other. 

“I’ve finally found someone who will happily sit in silence with me reading,” she said. “We’re basically 80 years old and seven at the same time and it works really well.”