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Sarah Hyland on deciding whether to make her dogs part of her wedding

The actor spoke to TODAY about her two furry friends, Boo and Carl.

Just in time for National Dog Day, actor Sarah Hyland is dishing on her furry friends, their personality and the role they play in her life.

Hyland spoke with TODAY through her partnership with Autotrader, which just released its 2022 Best Cars for Dog Lovers list in celebration of National Dog Day.

For a segment of "My Pet Tale," Hyland introduced her two pups: Boo and Carl. If Boo could introduce herself, Hyland said she knew exactly what the dog would say.

"'Hello, my name is Boo, and I'm a gorgeous girl,'" Hyland said. When asked to describe her personality, the actor chose "loud, brash (and) opinionated."

Hyland explained that the name Boo was inspired by the movie "Monsters, Inc." referring to the character in the Disney original.

Hyland's other dog's name has a different vibe: Carl.

"There was a power struggle in the beginning for sure. Carl is obviously the bigger dog. But who won that power struggle? She's definitely the alpha," Hyland said. "He's like this massive dog, but the sweetest, most gentle giant."

But as much as she loves her dogs and feels a close bond with them, Hyland said they were not scheduled to play a role in her wedding, when she spoke with TODAY earlier this month. The actor got engaged to Wells Adams in 2019, and the couple was married on Saturday at a vineyard with fellow "Modern Family" co-stars.

"Whenever I have fittings for events with like really long dresses and stuff, she likes to lay down on them," she said. "I just think it'd be way too many people. It breaks my heart that they won't be there. But you know, it is what it is." The actor added that her wedding was her moment, not the dogs'.

As she looks to the future, Hyland said she would love to adopt more pups, though her husband may not be on the same page as her.

"He thinks that two dogs are enough ... I don't believe that to be true," the actor said. She also revealed that her husband is more of a disciplinarian with their dogs than she is.

She also said she hopes to take the dogs on more adventures. Though Boo loves to go for walks on the beach, Hyland said she's looking forward to taking the two pups on more road trips and hikes in the coming months.

Hyland is currently the host on "Love Island USA" and is set to join the "Pitch Perfect" series, a Peacock spinoff of the film franchise. A premiere date has not yet been announced.