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Rob Lowe shares awesome ‘80s pic from double date with Tom Cruise

It's the throwback to end all throwbacks!

This picture will “bLowe” your mind.

Rob Lowe posted an old photo on Instagram Thursday featuring him and Tom Cruise on a double date during the Decade of Decadence.

“Double date 1980s style! I think this might’ve been the premiere of ‘The World According to Garp,’” he captioned the picture, which features Cruise standing next to actor Michelle Meyrink and Lowe next to former “Little House on the Prairie” star Melissa Gilbert.

Cruise rocks a preppy ‘80s style, with what appears to be a blue wool sport coat and tie and bangs, while Lowe goes for a more brash look in a pink shirt, white jacket and white tie.

Interestingly, Meyrink appeared with Lowe and Cruise in ‘The Outsiders.” She also had roles in other popular ‘80s movies like “Revenge of the Nerds,” “Real Genius” and “Valley Girl.”

While Lowe wrote the shot was from “The World According to Garp,” it appears the pic may have been snapped at a screening of the 1982 TV movie “In The Custody of Strangers,” which featured Emilio Estevez, who starred alongside Lowe and Cruise in “The Outsiders.”

Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe & Melissa Gilbert At Party
Rob Lowe, Melissa Gilbert, Michelle Meyrink and Tom Cruise were all smiles while at a screening of the TV movie "In The Custody of Strangers" in 1982.Fotos International / Getty Images

The picture definitely got a reaction.

“You sure this wasn’t your prom?” Lowe’s brother, Chad Lowe, commented, while Jennifer Aniston liked the post.

Lowe has previously talked about Cruise, once sharing the story of how the future “Top Gun” star lost his cool when he had to share a hotel room with Lowe while they auditioned for “The Outsiders.”

After landing roles in the movie, their accommodations became a little sparser when they had to sleep in a stranger’s basement while shooting the project in Oklahoma.

“It’s Francis Ford Coppola, the director, who directed ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’ ... and in his effort to make us more authentic as greasers, as sort of tough Tulsa, sort of wrong side of the tracks guys, (he) found a bunch of different actual greasers who were now grown-up adults and made us go spend the night and live with them,” he said on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” last year.

“Tom and I ended up in the basement in two cots and we’re like, ‘We don’t know these people,’” Lowe added.

“I mean, who vetted them? Really? Do you think Francis Ford Coppola spent a lot of time vetting these people? I can tell you, he didn’t. He was with an espresso and watching some fancy Fellini movie and went, ‘Yeah, yeah that sounds great,’ and went back to his espresso.”