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Queen Latifah honors late brother on his birthday 30 years after his death

The singer and actor's older brother, Lance Owens, died in a 1992 motorcycle accident.

Queen Latifah is honoring the memory of her older brother, Lance Owens, 30 years after his tragic death.

The "Equalizer" star, who turns 52 later this month, posted a throwback photo in honor of Owens' birthday Monday on Instagram. In the pic, Queen Latifah, whose real name is Dana Owens, leans into her brother, her arm placed lovingly on his shoulder.

"To my brother Lance a.k.a. Winki my Pisces brother. We will always swim in eternity's energy I love you to Infinity. Happy birthday," she wrote in the photo's caption.

Lance Owens, who was a police officer, died in a motorcycle accident in 1992.

Queen Latifah opened up about the heartbreak of losing her brother during a 2013 interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I know what it is to really lose someone, and the devastation that it causes and the confusion and the helplessness and the desperation and utter grief,” she told the publication.

“There’s nothing closer to me than my brother. That was my foundation. Mommy, Daddy, my brother, from the moment I was born, they were in my life," she continued. "But I also know some of the little things that can trigger your emotions. You may smell something that reminds you of that person, and it will just flood all of these emotions through you. And it just comes back and you don’t even expect it. Sometimes it’s not only the big knock-you-over-the-head things, it’s the subtle things.”

Queen Latifah's tribute comes two years after she posted the same pic of the siblings on Instagram to mark her late brother's birthday in February 2020.

"Happy birthday to my big brother Lancelot a.k.a. Winki. 143 forever and always... Kiss Mommy for me," she wrote alongside it.

The year before, she shared a different throwback photo of herself with her brother, writing, "I miss chillin’ with my brother in his room watching Star Trek! Happy Birthday Winki! Hope you’re dropping the Hammer in heaven! Tell Mommy I said Hi!"