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Watch Pete Davidson joke about tension with Kanye West during comedy show

During his set, Davidson touched on the ongoing tension between him and his girlfriend's ex.
/ Source: TODAY

Ye or nay? The war of words between rapper Kanye West, now known as Ye, and Pete Davidson continued last Friday.

Davidson took the stage at the Netflix is a Joke festival for his sold-out show, “Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends.” Speaking to packed seats, the comedian publicly addressed his spat with West for the first time.

During his set, Davidson made light of his ongoing feud with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband. During his time on stage, the “King of Staten Island” star contemplated what it would be like to see his girlfriend’s ex-husband step into the shoes of Mrs. Doubtfire, the titular character of the 1993 film starring the late actor Robin Williams.

(The following clip contains profanity.)

“Does anybody else secretly hope that, like, Kanye pulls like a Mrs. Doubtfire?” he asked during his set. “I come home one day, and they’re like, ‘this is the new housekeeper.’ And, he’s like, ‘What’s up fam?’”

In January of this year, West released “Eazy” and garnered criticism for his lyrics which described him wanting to beat up the comedian. The music video for the song also gained criticism for a scene that sees the rapper decapitating a claymation version of Pete Davidson.

Later in the Netflix set, Davidson addressed accusations slung at him by West, including that the comedian has AIDS.

“I had an AIDS scare this year. Yeah, I did. And you’re like, ‘Pete, Wow. What’s going on in your life? Are you sharing needles? You’re doing heroin? You have tons of unprotected sex?” Davidson contemplated while addressing the audience. “No, Kanye told me I had AIDS and he’s a genius. I was like, ‘Oh... I better call my doctor. The guy who made 'College Dropout' thinks I have AIDS.’”

Davidson confirmed that he does not have AIDS and aptly undermined the stigma related to the accusation by highlighting the outdatedness and toxicity of the allegation's nature.

“You have AIDS. It’s just such a ’90s, early 2000s thing to like (say)” remarked. “John Mulaney called me. He’s like, ‘AIDS? You should spread a rumor that he has polio!’”

The quarrel between West and Davidson can be traced back to early 2018 when the rapper went off-script during an appearance on “SNL” to support Donald Trump. At the time, Davidson responded by urging the West to continue to seek professional treatment for mental health.

The tension between the two seemed to be largely set aside until this past year as reports swirled that Davidson and Kardashian were dating. In the aftermath of their relationship becoming public, Ye has made various swipes at the couple and Davidson directly, going so far as to share screenshots of text exchanges between him and the comedian.