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People have thoughts about Oscar Isaac's British accent in 'Moon Knight' trailer

Some fans have mixed feelings about the "Dune" star's accent in the new Marvel series. "Does anyone else get Dick Van Dyke vibes?" one wrote on Twitter.
Oscar Isaac in the upcoming Marvel-Disney+ series "Moon Knight." 
Oscar Isaac in the upcoming Marvel-Disney+ series "Moon Knight." @MarvelStudios / Twitter

The official trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Moon Knight” is here, and while many fans took to social media to praise the show’s dark, gritty tone, others zeroed in on one detail in particular from the trailer: Oscar Isaac’s British accent.

Isaac, 42, who stars in the Disney+ miniseries as Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, has an American accent in real life, and many fans weren’t ready to hear him switch up his speaking style in the trailer.

“my mind is split between appreciating how amazing moon knight looks and trying to digest oscar isaac with a british accent,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Several people also drew comparisons to Dick Van Dyke and his famously exaggerated Cockney accent in 1964’s “Mary Poppins.”

“I’m so here for this I’m very hyped BUT does anyone else get dick van dyke vibes from Oscar’s accent,” one person tweeted.

Others were reminded of another American actor, Don Cheadle, who raised some questions with his English accent in the “Ocean’s 11" series.

“Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight accent is two-parts Dick Van Dyke and three-parts Don Cheadle,” one person wrote on Twitter, with another person tweeting that Isaac’s British accent was giving them “Don Cheadle vibes.”

“Moon Knight,” a six-part series that takes place in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, follows Marc Spector, a vigilante who has dissociative identity disorder. That’s a mental health condition that involves having multiple, distinct personalities that may control your behavior at different times, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Oscar Isaac switches between multiple identities in "Moon Knight."
Oscar Isaac switches between multiple identities in "Moon Knight."@MarvelStudios / Twitter

One person on Twitter pointed out that Isaac’s accent may change throughout the series as he moves between his various identities. 

“Oscar Isaac’s British accent is probably only for his alter as Steven Grant and will likely switch between accents as he switches alters and Moon Knight,” the fan wrote.

Some people may have been thrown by Isaac's unexpected accent, but others seem to be fully on board. 

As one fan put it on Twitter, “I accept any choice that Oscar Isaac wants to make for us.”