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Martha Stewart recalls being struck by lightning 3 times: ‘I just attract electricity’

"I think it actually is good for you — if it doesn't kill you," the TV personality joked on "Ellen."

Martha Stewart has lived quite the life!

While playing a game of "What’s The Lie, Martha?” on Thursday's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Stewart, 80, revealed that she's been struck by lightning three times — and she joked that it might actually be "good for you — if it doesn't kill you."

"Once it came out of my water faucet," she explained. "I was leaning against an iron sink and I saw the lightning go down the pipe out in my garden, and then it came back up through the water and hit me right in my stomach, threw me on the floor, and my husband found me. And I was alive, but not very comfortable."

"Another time, a lightning bolt came right through a skylight in my house," she added.

After experiencing both of those incidents, Stewart joked that she "just attracts electricity" because she's "so powerful." Although she didn't elaborate on "Ellen" about what happened the third time, she did tell Snoop Dogg in 2016 that she was once struck by lightning while talking on the phone.

“Going to jail does not make you stronger,” the chef said during a game of “Two Thighs and a Truth” on “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.” “Only lightning makes you stronger.”

On Stewart's website, she reveals a few more interesting facts about her life, like how she used to model and once spent a Christmas with her daughter, Alexis, and then-husband Andrew Stewart in Massachusetts "without electricity or running water."

"When my daughter was only a month old, we found our country house in a remote section of the Berkshire Mountains in Middlefield, Massachusetts," Stewart wrote in her "Remembering" column for her Martha Stewart Living magazine.

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"We had allotted a very small budget to the purchase of a weekend place, a refuge from New York City where I could garden, Andy could build, and Alexis, our only child, could grow and thrive in the pure mountain air," she continued.

"We bought a one-room schoolhouse on Clark Wright Road to which three small rooms had been added over the years. The house had no bathroom and no running water, only a rain barrel under the leader from the roof gutter and plenty of ice-cold mountain water from a stream about a quarter-mile away," Stewart wrote. "We took turns, Andy and I, lugging water in large pails from the stream to cook with, wash up with, and drink."

"It was always a pleasure to be there in warm weather, but in winter the place took on a special charm," she added.