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Luke Combs refunds 2 preteen fans who used savings to buy tickets to his show

The country music superstar surprised the boys with cash from his own pocket after seeing their homemade signs.

Country music superstar Luke Combs made the day of two young fans when he paid them back for their concert tickets.

The surprise refund came in the middle of one of Combs's shows at the Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor on Friday, Sept. 2 when he saw the handmade signs the boys were holding up.

The boys spelled out their quest to see the country music singer-songwriter in concert to the tune of Combs's 2017 hit, "When It Rains It Pours."

"We made a hundred bucks stacking 5 cords of wood, bought 2 Luke Combs tickets, man he sounds good," Combs read, adding "I appreciate it!" at the compliment.

"Our dads swore it was a waste of time. Oh but they were wrong! Today's my 12th birthday. Oh Lord, when it rains it pours."

Clearly moved by the gesture, Combs sat down on the edge of the stage to talk to the boys, Tanner Hale and Bo Fenderson. Fenderson was celebrating his birthday.

Combs asked the pair how much they paid for the tickets, then reached into his pocket and pulled out $140, nearly enough money to cover the costs, and added a promise to make up the difference. The tickets cost $200. He also took photos with the boys and hooked them up with some signed Luke Combs merchandise.

The parents of both boys expressed their gratitude to Combs.

"For him to take time to acknowledge and truthfully reinforce something we take pride to instill in our children -- that hard work pays off -- is truly amazing," said Tanner's mom, Justine Hale.

Bo's mom, Desiree Brown Fenderson, posted about what happened on Facebook.

Fenderson said they put their song lyrics on posters as a photo op to share with Tanner's parents, totally unaware of what would happen at the show.

"Everything and everyone exceeded expectations with how generous Luke and his staff were to make that special moment happen for these guys and his cousins that attended," she said.