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10 LGBTQ creators to follow this Pride Month and beyond

Keep up with these queer influencers to expand your Instagram feeds and "For You" pages through June and beyond.
In honor of Pride Month, check out these LGBTQ creators.
In honor of Pride Month, check out these LGBTQ creators.@somayamusic / @k8sabz / @janetmock via Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Pride Month may be coming to an end soon, but there’s still time to elevate and uplift LGBTQ voices — especially on social media.

Whether you’re spending June educating yourself about LGBTQ-related issues or celebrating you and your chosen family, these creators are a must-have for your Instagram feeds and “For You” pages.

Here are 10 queer influencers you should be following:

Somaya (@somayamusic)

Somaya (they/he) is a South Asian influencer and singer/songwriter passionate about bringing representation and intersectionality to their music and platform. In May, they released a single titled “Carried Away” and previously released a single titled “Admit It (You’re Feeling It Too).” With over nine million likes on TikTok, Somaya also is a content creator, primarily posting videos about the intersection of being queer and South Asian.

Sean Snyder (@seanqsnyder) and Adrian Stevens (@ad.matthias)

Sean (they/them) and Adrian (he/they) are a Two-Spirit Native American couple who have been dancing at powwows from an early age. Sean, of the Navajo and Southern Ute tribes, is primarily a designer and dancer. Adrian, of the Northern Ute, Shoshone Bannock and San Carlos Apache tribes, is also a model and actor. The couple, based in Las Vegas, focus on increasing LGBTQ visibility and acceptance through art, both in the Indigenous community and broader community.

Kalen Allen (@thekalenallen)

Kalen (he/him) is an actor and performer known for his time on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and as a judge on Food Network. But his online presence is what initially garnered views and launched his popularity, now with almost 19 million likes on TikTok. A natural comedian, Kalen and his videos are sure to put a smile on your face even on a bad day. Kalen has also journeyed into a professional acting career, as well as expanding upon his singing/songwriting career.

Alex Wong (@alexdwong)

Alex (he/him) is a professional dancer and performer, formerly a principal dancer at Miami City Ballet. You may recognize him from his stint on “So You Think You Can Dance,” but what you may not know is that he has a well-loved TikTok presence with over 65 million likes. His videos range from comedy to dance to singing, and he often takes a hilarious stab at popular trends.

Aaron Rose Philip (@aaron___philip)

Aaron (she/her) is an Antiguan American model who, in 2018, became the first Black, trans and physically disabled model to be represented by a major agency. Aaron has been on the internet from a young age, when she had a successful Tumblr blog. Now, she has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and posts pictures from modeling sessions with high fashion brands and campaigns including "Vogue Poland," Shop with Google and Moschino.

Aditya Madiraju (@adityamadiraju)

Aditya (he/him) is a South Asian influencer making a name for himself in the beauty and fashion industry. Passionate about gender-neutral makeup and fashion and representing the brown community, Aditya has almost 90 thousand followers on Instagram. Just a quick scroll through his page yields colorful, glowing and dreamy makeup looks. And if you’re not as interested in the makeup, Aditya is definitely worth following for his wholesome content with his husband, Amit Shah, and their two dogs.

Janet Mock (@janetmock)

Janet (she/her) is a writer, director and storyteller with two New York Times bestselling books. She is Emmy-nominated and made history in 2019 as the first trans person to sign a deal with a major studio — Netflix. Aside from her work in the literary and artistic fields, she is also a pioneer for Black women and Black trans women, using her Instagram platform with almost 350,000 followers. Not to mention, her stunning Instagram posts are more than worth the follow.

Mega Gone Free (@megagonefree) 

Mega (she/they) is a singer and influencer who rose in popularity from their ukulele covers on TikTok. Now with over 100 million likes on the platform, Mega has released multiple songs, with her latest titled “Talking ‘Bout Bri,” referring to her deadname. The 21-year-old Baltimore native now lives in New York and creates TikToks, including viral covers and pride-related content.

Laith Ashley De La Cruz (@laith_ashley)

Laith (he/him) is an actor and model with a growing presence on Instagram. He has appeared in multiple high fashion campaigns including Calvin Klein and "Vogue." In 2016, his journey into modeling was profiled in Whoopi Goldberg’s “Strut,” a docu-series about trans models. Laith is of Dominican descent and is also a singer/songwriter.

Kate 'Hina' Sabatine (@k8sabz)

Hina (they/them) is a Japanese content creator with almost 60 million likes on TikTok. They are well-known for their comedic skits and fashion hauls, as well as their aesthetic on Instagram. One of their most popular bits — which has garnered millions of views — is their “Lesbian Parent” skit. This year, they were named as a 2022 TikTok API Trailblazer.