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Kim Kardashian says that doing 'nothing' with Pete Davidson is 'the best'

The KKW Beauty founder and her mom, Kris Jenner, opened up about Kardashian's relationship with Davidson.

Kim Kardashian is sharing how she and boyfriend Pete Davidson like to spend time together.

She talked about the "Saturday Night Live" star during a Monday interview with Entertainment Tonight, revealing that one of their favorite things to do together is, well, absolutely nothing.

“He’s just super genuine, and it’s just super fun to just hang out and do nothing, then watch TV and just do nothing,” she shared.

Kardashian went on to say that it's her "favorite thing" to find someone who she can do nothing with, noting that "it's the best."

She says it speaks to how comfortable she feels around Davidson.

“We just like run errands,” Kardashian explained. “You can be distracted with people, but you can’t be with anyone and do nothing.”

Kardashian's momager, Kris Jenner, said that she also approves of her daughter's relationship.

“I love that he’s kind and thoughtful,” Jenner expressed. “He’s the most thoughtful person, and I love the chemistry that Kim and him have together. It’s sweet.”

On Monday, Kardashian shared some intimate photos that she and Davidson took together when they went out grabbing a meal. In the romantic pics, Davidson had his arms around her.

"Late nite snack," the KKW Beauty founder captioned the photos.

Kardashian spoke to Hoda Kotb on the TODAY co-anchor's “Making Space” podcast about how she fell for Davidson after she filed for divorce from Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) in February 2021.

“I think that, you know, sometimes things happen when you just least expect it. It was the last thing that I was really planning on,” she told Hoda.

“And so when it did happen, we were kind of, like, ‘Oh, my God, I wasn’t planning on this. And this isn’t even what I was thinking of,’ and it just makes it that much sweeter and so much more fun."

Although their romance came out of the blue, Kardashian noted that she spent 10 months being single before she "dated or talked to anyone" in a romantic way.

"I just wanted that time to really figure out and go through the motions: ‘Am I making the right decision? How do I feel about this?’" she said.

“So once I went through all of the motions, I finally was, like, ‘OK, guys, I am so ready to meet someone.’ And I randomly did."