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Kacey Musgraves gives a tour of her Nashville home that reflects a “big life change”

Take a look inside the singer's home, which she says “feels like her.”
Kacey Musgraves shows a hornet's nest built around a basket that's on display in her living room while giving a tour of her Nashville home to Architectural Digest.
Kacey Musgraves shows a hornet's nest built around a basket that's on display in her living room while giving a tour of her Nashville home to Architectural Digest.YouTube

Kacey Musgraves recently gave Architectural Digest a tour of her Nashville home, and for the singer, it symbolizes a new chapter.

Musgraves released her new album "Star-Crossed" in September 2021, which examines the end of her marriage with Ruston Kelly, as well as independence and what it means for Musgraves to find love again. These themes are also reflected in her serene Nashville home that she’s been living in for two years, which she says “feels like her.”

Musgraves says that decorating her new home, which has an overarching minimalist style, has helped her get through the “big life change,” accentuating her need for a calm home through pops of color and unique artwork that still feels personal to her.

Upon entering Musgraves' home, the songwriter introduces her entryway filled with "little tchotchkes and things," a collection of fan art and relics from her family, and pieces from estate sales and antique stores, where she loves to go on the weekends.

Musgraves is currently touring for "Star-Crossed," but when she is home, she finds time to be creative in her at-home art studio. The singer reveals that the room has "amazing" natural light, an abundance of art supplies and even a 95-year-old Jade plant that she's "pretty proud of."

The final touch in her art room? A framed joint from Willie Nelson.

"That's going to stay there in case I need to break it in case of an emergency," she said.

Musgraves then unveils a large sitting room that she deems "the most musical room in the house." It's painted a "Dead Salmon" pink, which she said "is kind of a vibe."

In addition to the oddly named color choice, the room has some other unique details: a blown-up photo of her mom from many years ago, a guitar from the 1860s and an abstract chandelier that was original to the house.

Then she takes viewers into her kitchen, which boasts natural light, big windows and a plant wall that both "plagues and excites" her.

A large, orb-shaped light fixture hangs over her kitchen island, and Musgraves pointed out that orbs, which are seen in other parts of her home, are symbolic of a "full-circle" mindset for her as she underwent a transitional period.

In her sunken living room, Musgraves added a lot of texture within the same color tone to prevent her home from feeling cold or sterile.

A hornet's nest built around a basket is displayed in the corner of the room, which shines as an interest piece, although she said it "terrifies the s---" out of her at night.

Next to her living room is a small dining room, complete with a large white table and yellow dining chairs that add a pop of color to the space.

Enter the bar area, where there's a very apparent theme of camels (yes, camels), complete with a sculpture of a camel she made herself, as well as an antique painting of camels in a desert she scored while on tour.

Musgraves has multiple guest rooms in the house, each with its own personality. She gives a tour of one that has an antique French bed from the 1800s and another that has a print of Cher on roller skates.

"It's f------ Cher on roller skates. What's not to love?" she said.

Her guest bathroom, which she kept almost exactly the same from when she first moved in, has nude sketches from an artist named Hazel King covering the walls. Musgraves said that she had already planned to put nude sketches she had collected in her next bathroom, so seeing this bathroom was "serendipitous" for her.

Musgraves then shows her bedroom, which she said is her "favorite place to be." The walls are painted an off-white color that creates an airy sensation, complemented by a baby pink headboard with a shearling-like texture. She also has an entire wall of shelving filled with crystals and various knick-knacks.

Musgraves then moves onto the pièce de résistance: a nap zone, where one can get comfy. A zebra-printed blanket and black-and-white checkered rugs add some interest to the almost all-white space, and a large, curved window lets ample light in. Oh, and of course, an orb light hangs above the window.

To round out the indoor portion of the tour, Musgraves gives an inside look into her home gym, which hosts a standard batch of gym equipment with a not-so-standard twist: a colorfully lit sauna where she says she likes to "sweat her sins out."

Then Musgraves gives a quick backyard tour, complete with lush Magnolia trees and a beautiful pool, before bidding watchers adieu.

Overall, Musgraves says the vibe of her home is much like her music: a style you can't quite pinpoint.

"You can’t put your finger on the exact style of this house, and I’d say the same about my music," she said during the interview with AD. "Instead, it’s a big patchwork quilt of all these things that spark some kind of joy in me."