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Justin Sylvester recalls getting ‘dumped via text’ by date to White House Correspondents' Dinner

But the E! News “Daily Pop” host ended up coming out on top: “The universe always comes through,” he told Hoda, teasing what came next.

Justin Sylvester sure knows how to handle a date that bails on him.

The E! News’ "Daily Pop" host told TODAY's Hoda Kotb that he was invited to go to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, held this past weekend. But at the last minute, his date ended up backing out via text message.

Sylvester, who co-hosted TODAY with Hoda & Jenna on Monday, said a "nice guy," who he decided to call Jeff for the segment, invited him on a date to the comedy roast back in February. “I was super ready to go,” Sylvester said.

The following month, Sylvester decided to check in to make sure they were still on to attend the event, during which a comedian — this year, Trevor Noah — pokes fun at the presidential administration to a crowd of journalists, politicians, and celebrities (including Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian making their red carpet debut).

"I ... rolled in and asked Jeff in March like, 'Hey, what's going on? Are we still going to the White House Correspondents' Dinner? I need to get my Tom Ford (suit) taken in,'" Sylvester told Hoda.

That's when Sylvester heard his invitation had been rescinded. "Jeff told me that he found somebody else," Sylvester said.

Hoda gasped and asked, "Wait, you got dumped?!" Confirming, Sylvester said, "I got dumped via text."

But Sylvester's story wasn't over. "You know the universe is my girl," Sylvester said, teasing what came next.

After hearing of the dumping, a mutual friend offered to tell Jeff how rude he had been. Sylvester convinced the friend to refrain from intervening, saying he wasn't too worried.

After all, Sylvester said, he believes everything works itself out in the end — and in this case, everything did.

"Did I tell y’all the universe and I, we were sorority sisters and she owes me a favor? Cuz the universe always comes through," he explained.

Sylvester proceeded to show Hoda a segment that Jeff — and all the other event attendees — saw during the dinner. In the brief clip, comedian Billy Eichner joked about how entertainment journalists generally don't get enough credit for their work. Eichner went on to honor Sylvester with an award.

"For his courageous work interviewing The Jonas Brothers while they filmed a new commercial for Tostitos, we present the WHCD Freedom of the Press Junket Award to E! News’ 'Daily Pop's' Justin Sylvester,'" Eichner said. The camera panned to Sylvester.

Hoda was thoroughly entertained by Justin Sylvester's tale.
Hoda was thoroughly entertained by Justin Sylvester's tale.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"Can you imagine standing me up and (Billy Eichner) gives me an award at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?" Sylvester said as Hoda laughed. "His carrot soup must've been on the floor."

Sylvester didn't see his former fling at the event, but he could prove that he had seen the entire thing. According to Sylvester, Jeff ended up checking out Sylvester's Instagram page to watch his Instagram Story from the evening.

"Ladies, if you ever wanna know if your ex is thinking about you, go to your stories and look at who viewed them. That's how you tell," Sylvester said.

At this point, Hoda jokingly said "Hey Jeff" and waved to the camera, assuming that was a fake name. To make sure, Hoda asked, "That's not his name, is it?"

And that's when Sylvester revealed his last twist. "That is his name. I'm savage," Sylvester proudly replied. "You are," Hoda replied, looking amused.

Revenge, it seems, is a dish best served on TV.