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Jennifer Aniston surprises 2 fans with internet sensation Benny Drama in hilarious video

Mission accomplished! Jennifer Aniston and Benito Skinner (aka Benny Drama) make a great pranking duo.

Two of Jennifer Aniston's fans were in for the surprise of a lifetime when the actor teamed up with comedian Benito Skinner (aka Benny Drama) for a hilarious prank.

The "Morning Show" star and her hairstylist pal Chris McMillan enlisted Skinner to help them pull off some epic hijinks during YouTube's BeautyFest event.

McMillan is the mane man behind Aniston's famous "Friends" haircut otherwise known as "The Rachel" and two of the actor's fans were told they had won the opportunity to get a haircut from the celebrity stylist.

Sadly, all they got was a quirky stylist named Jenni (Skinner) who claimed to work for McMillan. Fans of Skinner are familiar with hsi character Jenni, a gum chomping, over sharing, Hot Topic shopping stylist who seems to share way too much with her clients.

"Chris was in a little fender bender and he's in the hospital," the comedian told the visibly disappointed women.

"So Chris isn't doing our hair?" one of them replied.

"Chris isn't doing your hair. He's fighting for his life at Cedar-Sinai," Skinner said "No, I'm kidding, Chris just couldn't make it."

Skinner got to work washing the clients’ hair and seemed to struggle to find the right temperature. Afterwards, the faux stylist instructed the ladies that they would be doing a group meditation before the haircuts.

With their faces covered by towels, Skinner invited Aniston into the room and proceeded to show off an epic imitation of the actor. Once their faces were uncovered, the ladies were utterly shocked and started crying.

“Oh don’t worry it’s just Jen Aniston and she’s going to do your hair today,” Skinner exclaimed.

Once they were in the studio, Skinner and Aniston got to work applying some product to the ladies’ manes.

“At some point, can we switch stylists?” the client who Skinner was working on asked.

“OK shade. Happy Pride (Month) to me,” Skinner joked.

Skinner then asked Aniston to share the real story behind her iconic “Rachel” haircut.

“You mean the nightmare of ‘The Rachel?’” she joked. “He went, ‘This is a disaster (and motioned at my haircut)’ and then he just chopped it all off.

The clients were a bit nervous when Skinner and Aniston were ready to start cutting their hair, but their fear didn't last long because McMillan came to the rescue soon.

“What is Jenni doing here? We have a restraining order on you! You’re not supposed to be here,” he teased.

The mane guru got to work and soon created a red carpet-worthy look for each of the ladies. Of course, they used Aniston’s hair product line Lolavie to style the cuts. Continuing with the prank, Skinner didn't miss the opportunity to take credit for McMillan's handiwork and said, “Oh God, I’m so happy with my cuts. Look at this!"

Luckily, Aniston's fans were happy with their new dos. "I love it so much!" one declared. The other said, "I thought I was just getting a little trim and then Jennifer Aniston popped up and I was like, 'Oh my God.'"