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Jak Knight honored by fellow comedians: 'He was a veteran comic before he turned 21'

The 28-year-old unexpectedly died this week, shocking the stand-up and comedy world.
Colossal Clusterfest - Room 415 Comedy Club - Day 2
Comedian Jak Knight performs onstage at Room 415 Comedy Club during Colossal Clusterfest at Civic Center Plaza and The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on June 3, 2017 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by FilmMagic/FilmMagic)FilmMagic / FilmMagic

Jak Knight's peers and fans are honoring him on Twitter following the heartbreaking news shared on Friday, July 15 that the 28-year-old comedian died this week.

An exact cause of death has not been shared.

"I don’t know what to say," Solomon Georgio tweeted. "I met Jak Knight when he was a teenager. I’ll never forget the weekend me, him and Mo Welch did a casino show for a bunch of Trump voters. One crowd was especially hateful and he didn’t hold back a single punch."

Georgio added, "It was all venom and hilarious. He was veteran comic before he turned 21. Rest in power, young icon."

"Whenever I was on a lineup with Jak Knight, I knew it was going to be a wildly funny night," James Adomian wrote. "Always loved watching him over the last decade. He was winning big, all of it well deserved, so witty and memorable every moment onstage and off. A painful loss to comedy."

"Stand up is so f---ed up because we surround ourselves with dope people that we never make an effort to see more often because we always assume we’ll see each other around," Ify Nwadiwe wrote. "Jak Knight was such a force. I don’t know what to say. RIP."

Barstool’s Kevin Clancy tweeted, “I know people always say this stuff in the face of tragedy, but Jak Knight truly, genuinely was next up. One of the funniest dudes we’ve ever met. Came into our studio, lit it up, and took it over. Probably much like every room he was ever in. RIP Jak.”

Joel Kim Booster said, “I’m in shock. There was no one like Jak Knight. A singular talent, actually funny and a genuinely kind person, a rare combo. I just can’t believe this at all.”

Colossal Clusterfest - Room 415 Comedy Club - Day 3
Jak Knight performs at Room 415 Comedy Club on June 4, 2017 in San Francisco.FilmMagic / Getty Images

Knight was best known for co-creating and starring in the Peacock comedy series “Bust Down.” He also just finished filming “First Time Female Director,” the feature directorial debut of Chelsea Peretti. The project was to be his first film credit.

He also played Devon on the hit animated Netflix series “Big Mouth” and was previously a writer on the show for five seasons. A renowned stand-up comic who toured worldwide, he was featured in a 2018 Netflix special as part of “The Comedy Lineup” series.

Knight's friend, Moses Storm, wrote a long tribute shared on both Instagram and Twitter.

"We find a way to make it about ourselves by posting a low rez photo from that one time we ran into them at a work-blah-event," Storm wrote. "We promote the currently acceptable trending phrase of '- tell your friends you that health-love-check-blah-in. But not Jak."

"Jak is just a blah guy blah like one of us. No I mean, that is my actual friend. Someone who currently owes me $27 dollars. Someone who needs to text me back about that thing.. Someone I need to do this with."

"Jak, is my friend that I started doing open mics with at a sh-- money laundering front cafe while a smoothie blender was grinding what could only be rocks and bolts," Moses said. "Someone who lied to me in an effort to instill unearned confidence not because he ‘knew that is what I needed the most,’ but because he was just a nice person sometimes."

Storm added, "This is not some great philanthropist/ 'incredible most amazing person of ever' that died young so we put him on a shirt at Target. No, this is just our friend Jak."

"This was just a sometimes meanly honest, beyond kind, sweet, more helpful than he will ever know, flawed idiot that I loved," Storm continued. "Who like an idiot, made it impossible to make their currently trending passing, about myself. I love you Jak."