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Jada Pinkett Smith has her family laughing out loud while under anesthesia

Jaden Smith almost fell off his chair laughing while watching his mom.
/ Source: TODAY

This one is for the books.

Jada Pinkett Smith had her son, Jaden Smith, 23, and her mom, Adrienne Banfield Norris, 68, laughing out loud when she showed them a video of herself recovering from a colonoscopy on "Red Table Talk."

While under anesthesia, Pinkett Smith said, "I'm so relaxed" and "I feel great."

She then talked about the colonoscopy process, which as she described it, involves "sticking cameras in your booty."

"You know, that’s a little, that’s a little cumbersome, you know?" she said while slurring her words. "For a moment, I had a bit of a panic when I first started. I was just like, I got scared, but I just want people to know that it was a very easeful process. I feel good and I feel extra good because I’m on the other side."

By the end of the video, Pinkett Smith's family was nearly in tears. Jaden Smith almost fell off his chair because he was laughing so hard and Banfield-Norris covered her face with her arm as she let out a few chuckles.

Pinkett Smith isn't the only one in the family who's had a colonoscopy. Her husband, Will Smith, underwent the procedure in 2019 and documented the whole process on YouTube, revealing to fans that his doctor found a precancerous polyp in his colon during the exam.

According to Weill Cornell Medicine, a colonoscopy is an "effective way to detect early signs of cancer in the gastrointestinal tract."

Will Smith's physician, Dr. Ala Stanford, said in 2019 that it was great that Smith went in for his colonoscopy because they were able to find the polyp early.

“Had you not known, it continues to grow and grow and grow," Stanford said at the time. "And African American men in particular, the right colon is where cancer is high. ... You would’ve had fewer typical symptoms. And by the time you presented, it could be full-blown and spread throughout your body.”

“We diagnosed this early,” she added. “So what it means for you, in real talk: Instead of getting a screening every 10 years — which is what happens when people have a normal colonoscopy — you need to get yours done in the next two to three years.”

The whole experience made Will Smith view colonoscopies differently.

“You know, when I decided I wanted to shoot this as a vlog, it was much more, ‘Hey, this will be cool. This will be fun,'" he said. "I didn’t realize that there would be a precancerous polyp that would get found out of it."