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Hoda Kotb’s college roommate reveals her adorable nickname at Virginia Tech

The TODAY co-anchor reunited with her pal Tuesday on the plaza.

Every nickname has a cool origin story, and Hoda Kotb's college roommate just shared some fun details about the endearing moniker she's had for decades.

On Tuesday, the TODAY co-anchor reunited with her Delta Delta Delta sorority sister Mary Robertson, whom she befriended when they were both students at Virginia Tech.

Reunited and it feels so good.
Reunited and it feels so good.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Robertson stuck around and followed Hoda inside Studio 1A to watch her film the fourth hour, and revealed how their paths first crossed.

"I was cheering. We were rival high schools," she explained. "They always beat the crap out of us every year, so we just tried to stay upbeat."

During halftime at one of the games, Hoda was crowned homecoming queen, and Robertson instantly gravitated toward her because of her name.

"It was Hodie and that was the first time I'd heard her name, and I was like, 'That's kind of a cool name.' My girlfriends and I were like, 'Well maybe there’s kind of cool people over there,'" she mused. 

Friends for life!
Friends for life!TODAY

Six months later, the two ladies officially met during rush week for their college's sorority and became best friends.

"There's this group of girls who all love Hodie just as much as I do," Robertson said.  

Hoda back in the day.
Hoda back in the day.TODAY

Jenna was thoroughly amused by the cute nickname. "I mean the fact that y'all call her Hodie," she said. She then took the opportunity to ask Robertson about Hoda's signature party persona.

"I'm wondering when this originated. Hoda now likes to go to a party, do a quick circle and then sneak out before anybody can even witness it. It's called the Ho-dini. Did she do that sort of Irish exiting thing when you were (in school)?" she asked.

"No, but I am Irish so I could see how that might have (influenced her)," Robertson replied.

"Are you telling us that you taught her the Ho-dini?" Jenna asked.

"Maybe? My family knows how to get out the back door," Robertson acknowledged.

Hoda and Mary always looked out for each other at parties.
Hoda and Mary always looked out for each other at parties.TODAY

Hoda's bestie went on to explain a key friendship lesson that they learned together as members of a sorority.

"We all stayed really tight together. We really took care of each other, and when we went from party to party there was no (friend left behind)," she explained.

Jenna loved that and said, "I feel like we should be telling teenagers to take care of their girls."

"Look out for your girls!" Hoda said.