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Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager share their surprising ‘dream jobs’

Their dream jobs are actually pretty similar!

If money were no object and you had unlimited talent, what would your dream job be?

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager reflected on this question on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, and it turns out that they both have secret musical ambitions. 

“I mean, it’s hard because in so many ways, I’m doing it,” Jenna said, when Hoda asked her about her dream job.

However, Jenna continued, “for, like, a wild fantasy, I would be on Broadway. I would sing, I would be able to sing, and I would sing on Broadway.”

Meanwhile, Hoda said she has sometimes wondered what it would be like to be a singer-songwriter, revealing that she's learning how to play one of Fleetwood Mac’s most famous songs.

“Music is so much a part of me, and lately I’ve been picking up my guitar again, trying to play the one song I know, which is ‘Landslide,’” Hoda said. “I always thought, when I play those chords, 'I can’t believe that my house is filled with music, and to be able to play and sing and have that gift.'”

Hoda also encouraged anyone with musical gifts to share their talents with others.

“I always wonder, when I see someone that has a gift but doesn’t want to sing because they’re embarrassed and shy — like, I get how that might be, but wow, it’s almost, like, not fair if you have something,” she said. “Please, we’re begging you, if you’re one of those people …”

At which point Jenna interjected, “Show it, do it! If you can sing, sing! If you can dance, please dance!”

“Like, none of us can do anything around here,” she joked.

The topic of dream jobs came up as Hoda and Jenna discussed Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider, who recently quit her day job as a software engineer after winning $1.3 million during a 40-game winning streak on the trivia show.

Now that she’s left her full-time gig, Schneider has more freedom to pursue her dreams of writing a book and doing voice acting. 

“Sometimes you do your job to pay your bills. You probably grow to enjoy parts of it, but now she really wants to find out her passion,” Hoda said. “Now, she’s afforded the time. I mean, when you win that kind of money, you (say), ‘Okay, I can try it.’”