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Kim Cattrall says knowing when to say no is ‘powerful.’ Here’s why Hoda Kotb agrees

“But to say, just no, that’s brave. That’s hard to do,” Stephanie Ruhle said.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes, saying no is the hardest thing you can do.

Kim Cattrall made headlines this week for her decision to turn down the chance to star in the “Sex and the City” reboot, “And Just Like That ...”

“It’s powerful to say no,” the actor told Variety.

Hoda Kotb and Stephanie Ruhle, who guest co-hosted TODAY with Hoda & Jenna Thursday, say it takes a lot of courage to say no.

“It is such a brave move, right?” Stephanie said. “Just in general, when you think about all the pressure, you’re under what society expects you to do. I’m not very good at saying no, at all, because I’m always afraid if I don’t say yes, they won’t ask me again.”

“The fact that (Cattrall) said no to such a high profile project, maybe not knowing what her next endeavor would be. That’s brave,” she added.

Hoda said the real challenge lies in saying no without adding any details.

“I do think there is something about when you say no without explanation, because usually, sometimes when you don’t want to do something, let’s say you just don’t want to go to a party,” she said. “But you say to them, ‘No, I can’t. I wish I could but I have this and that and my two kids and then they got a test.’ And then all of a sudden, you’re weaving this crazy story, some of which is probably true.”

“But to say, just no, that’s brave. That’s hard to do,” Stephanie said.

Hoda, who is the mother to daughters Haley, 5, and Hope, 3, also said experience and being a mom have taught her how to summon the courage to say no and stick by it.

“I think it’s when you stop caring so much,” she said. “For me, because I had kids so much later in life. I know that this is what I want, so it’s already clear to me, all those other things I’ve done before. I can go to that party or do this, but this thing I’ve never done. So I’m not going to go to that party when I couldn’t be here because I’ve already done that party,” Hoda said.

“It takes conviction,” Stephanie added.