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‘Halloweentown’ co-stars are engaged 20 years after starring in the Disney hit

The couple played Marnie and Kal on “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge,” which premiered over two decades ago.
The actors both starred in the 2001 Disney Channel movie "Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge."
The actors both starred in the 2001 Disney Channel movie "Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge."Instagram/Kimberly J. Brown

Disney Channel’s favorite witch and warlock are set to be hitched!

Back in 2001, Kimberly J. Brown and Daniel Kountz starred in “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge,” the sequel to the 1998 movie “Halloweentown.” Now, the actors are engaged.

The couple announced their happy news in separate posts shared on their Instagram accounts. Brown, who played the part of lead Marnie Piper in Halloween-themed movie franchise, shared her announcement, writing, “Have I introduced you guys to my Fiancée?” She also added, “#isaidyes.”

The post included a picture of the couple smiling and with Brown’s engagement ring on her finger.

Kountz appeared in the first sequel of the Disney series as a warlock named Kal. A third film, “Halloweentown High,” was released in 2004, but Kountz was not in it.

“She said yes‼️❤️ 💍,” the actor wrote in the caption of the video posted on his page. “Gunna love you forever @officialkjb.”

Kountz’s video included a series of images of the couple smiling together side by side.

Fans were quick to fill the couple’s Instagram posts with heart, pumpkin, and ghost emojis along with their well wishes — most of which had references to their “Halloweentown” work together.

“How sweet! Now Kalabar can get his revenge lol! Congratulations.”

“OMGGGGGG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! BEING SINGLE IS VASTLY OVERRATED!” another wrote, which is a play on the late Debbie Reynolds' character Aggie Cromwell's famous line.

“Please tell me he said ‘I guess I inherited my fathers attraction to Cromwell witches,’” one commented.

Of course, there were plenty of questions and suggestions for the couple on the theme of the wedding. “Congrats!!! Will your wedding be a fall wedding by chance?”

Brown and Kountz spoke to E! News last October about a “Halloweentown” themed wedding while talking about their relationship.

“I’m sure the fans would love that,” Brown said at the time. “I mean, I don’t know, that idea has never come up in our discussions about life. But I’m sure that would be art imitating life or life imitating art? One of the two.”

As to when the magic began to bubble up for the couple, Kountz said it occurred years later while they were no longer on set. The two had lightly kept in touch over the years but only met up in person for the first time over a decade later for dinner.

It’s then, Kountz explained, that he felt a spark.

“I know it took me by surprise,” Kountz explained. “I hadn’t seen her in years, and I’m waiting, I’m sitting at the bar waiting, and she comes walking in, and I was like, ‘Well hello there, it’s been a while, hi!’... If it wasn’t for the movie, we never would have met each other and reconnected later, and we wouldn’t be sitting here now, and she’s a pretty awesome lady.”