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Hoda and Jenna hysterically react to seeing their cutouts go on vacation

One family took Hoda and Jenna on vacation with them — but not in the way you might think.

Hoda and Jenna recently visited the Smoky Mountains with a family — but it wasn't actually them.

As part of their TODAY series “Jenna and Hoda on the Road-A" that aired on Friday, Hoda and Jenna showed photos of them "traveling" alongside viewers Kelly and Greg Lee and their two children, Abigail and Jack, during a summer vacation to the Smoky Mountains. Instead of the TODAY hosts being there in person, though, it was life-size cutouts making the trek.

Photo of Lee family and Hoda and Jenna cardboard cutouts.
The Lee family embark on their vacation with Hoda and Jenna cutouts in tow.Courtesy Lee family

In a series of comical pictures provided by the Lee family, Hoda and Jenna's cutouts are seen accompanying the family everywhere — starting with the back seat of their car on the eight-hour car ride.

"I think Hoda is saying, 'are we there yet?'" Jenna joked.

More pictures show the family, plus the two cardboard extras, in the mountains, posing next to a bear statue.

Lee Family and Hoda and Jenna cutouts.
Say cheese! The Lee family and the cutouts of Hoda and Jenna pose in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Courtesy Lee Family

"We were glamping on their family adventure," Hoda said.

But the Lee family didn't stop there. Even when they embarked on a hike to Rainbow Falls, Hoda and Jenna were brought along, too, with a picture showing their folded-up cutouts being shouldered by one of the kids.

Lee Family and Hoda and Jenna cutouts.
The Lee family posed with the two cutouts while hiking Rainbow Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Courtesy Lee Family

The two also "joined" the family around a campfire and made a pit stop at the souvenir shop.

"This might be the weirdest thing we've ever done," Jenna laughed as the two looked through the pictures.

Lee Family
The Lee family included Hoda's and Jenna's cutouts while they sat around the campfire. Courtesy Lee Family

“The Lee’s rock, thank you for taking us on!” Hoda said, with Jenna adding, “We’re sorry that we took up so much space!”

Hoda and Jenna also got a little extra surprise from their producers with pictures of them photoshopped next to famous celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Serena Williams.

Lee Family and Hoda and Jenna cutouts.
The Lee family brought the cutouts of Hoda and Jenna into a souvenir shop. Courtesy Lee Family