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‘The Crown’ star Emma Corrin: ‘Gender just isn’t something that feels fixed’

"There might always be some fluidity there for me.” 

Emma Corrin opened up about their gender identity as they graced the cover of Vogue’s August 2022 issue.

“In my mind, gender just isn’t something that feels fixed,” Corrin told Vogue writer Emma Specter, “and I don’t know if it ever will be; there might always be some fluidity there for me.” 

Corrin, 26, rose to fame for their role as Princess Diana in Netflix’s “The Crown” in 2020. They publicly came out as queer last year, and according to their current Instagram bio, they use they/them pronouns.

The Golden Globe winner, who is set to star in an upcoming adaptation of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” shared with Vogue that their own coming out inspired a heartwarming exchange with their younger brother.

“I started dating a girl and told my mum, and then my little brother DM’d me saying, ‘Hey, I wanted to say welcome, because I’ve been bi for ages,’” Corrin said.

They added that they admire the next generation’s “more chill” attitude toward gender identity.

“They are finding a way to express themselves which is less binary in a very organic way,” they said.

Corrin also praised the “wisdom” of Dan Levy, whose “Schitt’s Creek” character, David Rose, was one of the first openly pansexual characters on TV and coined the memorable phrase, “I like the wine and not the label.”

Levy shared his mutual appreciation for Corrin on Twitter, linking to their Vogue piece and writing, “Love them. Love this.”

Corrin has opened up about their gender identity on social media in the past, including last July when they shared a post about their use of chest binders.

“It’s all a journey right,” they wrote in the caption. “Lots of twists and turns and change and that’s ok! Embrace it.”