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Courteney Cox and Suzanne Somers barbecue with Thighmasters — and we have questions

Somers and Cox are here to show the rest of us how to have a good time.

Courteney Cox and Suzanne Somers are two of television's most beloved sitcom stars — but it's the high jinks the pair get into in real life, together, that has fans intrigued.

On Wednesday, Cox posted a zany video to Instagram that shows the former “Friends” star, 57, and the “Three’s Company” alum, 75, straight-up partying in ways the rest of us never dreamed of.

The short video finds Cox cooking cheeseburgers on a patio grill while Somers stands beside her, wearing leopard-print leggings.

“You’re going to love these turkey burgers so much,” Cox tells Somers.

“I love them, I love them already. I love that you made them for us,” replies Somers.

As the camera pulls away, viewers can see that both women are simultaneously exercising with Somers' signature Thighmaster fitness products between their legs — as the "Three's Company" theme song plays.

"Cook and tone," Cox captioned the hilarious clip.

In the comments of Cox's post, fans told the "Shining Vale" star how much they loved seeing her showing off her comedy chops with Somers.

"Love it!! Thigh master bbq!! Sign me up!🙌🏼🍔," wrote one.

“Whatever you’re doing here, I want to do that too,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, other fans' minds were blown by the idea of TV's Monica Geller and Chrissy Snow hanging out together.

"Love this !!!! Chrissie and Monica 🤪🔥," wrote one.

“Two people from two of my favorite shows,” gushed someone else.

It's not the first time the duo have appeared together on Cox's legendary Instagram page. In 2019, Cox shared a Fourth of July selfie that showed her hanging out with an A-list group that included Somers, "Friends" co-star Jennifer Aniston and "Big Little Lies" star Laura Dern.

"Happy 4th everyone! I’m lucky to be spending it with so many girls that I love ♥️," Cox captioned it.

Just a month later, Somers opened up to People magazine about her friendship with Cox, calling Cox "one of the great gatherers of people."

"Courteney is one of my neighbors in Malibu and she hosts these wonderful, wonderful Sunday dinners,” said Somers, who added that Cox and her friends "from all ages" sit outside around a fire pit while munching on food prepared by Cox's chef.

“I love all those girls. I love them," added Somers.