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Christina Hall and Josh Hall’s relationship, in their own words

The HGTV star married Josh Hall in April 2022, after about a year of dating. Here's what they've said about their relationship.
Christina and Josh Hall embrace each other in a photo posted to Instagram.
Christina and Josh hall embrace each other in a photo posted to Instagram.Christina Haack / Instagram

Real estate agent and HGTV star Christina Hall (née Haack) is starting a new chapter in her life, and career, through her marriage to realtor Josh Hall.

Josh and Christina got married in April 2022, about a year-and-a-half after Christina announced her divorce from British TV host Ant Anstead in September 2020

Christina and Anstead, who started dating in 2017 and married in 2018, share a two-year-old son, Hudson. Christina is also mom to Taylor, 11, and Brayden, 6, whom she shares with her first ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa.

Christina first rose to fame in 2013, when she appeared on the HGTV show “Flip or Flop” with then-husband El Moussa. The show documented their lives as real estate agents who buy and renovate homes in Southern California. El Moussa and Christina divorced in 2018. After 10 seasons, the show came to an end in 2022 — but both parties remain on TV.

Now, Christina is focusing on her life with Josh with her new series, “Christina in the Country,” which is set in Tennessee, where the couple has a vacation home. Out in 2022, this is a follow-up to the show “Christina on the Coast,” which ran from 2019 to 2022.

The couple has documented most of their love story on Instagram — and here’s what they’ve had to say about each other.

When they started dating, Christina felt 'crazy protective' over him

Christina and Josh met and began dating in the spring of 2021, per a July 2021 Instagram post. During that time, Christina was taking a break from social media and was working with a “spiritual coach” to help ease her anxiety.

Christina wrote that their connection was immediate – and so was her urge to protect the relationship.

“When we met this past spring, the synchronicities hit us so hard and fast they were impossible to ignore,” she wrote on Instagram. “I felt immediately crazy protective over him and wanted to keep him for myself and get to know each other before the tornado (media attention) hit.’”

The couple had a “few solid months” of getting to know each other in private. When it was just them, Christina said, she “loved every second of it.”

Once the relationship went public, Christina decided not to focus on the "nonsense" online, as she put it.

“We pride ourselves on never judging others and always wanting others to be happy and we wish others would have the same respect," she said.

A few days after her post went live, Christina shared her first photo of her and Joshua sitting together. The duo celebrated Christina’s 38th birthday by going out for a drink.

“Thank you to my man for kicking off my 38th with a whimsical dream vacation,” she captioned the post.

She announced their engagement with a string of emojis

In Sept. 2021, two months after publicly confirming their relationship, the couple got engaged. Christina shared the news in an Instagram post with a caption that had the emojis of a heart, infinity symbol, lock, key, and a diamond ring. She's wearing an engagement ring in a post.

The day before the engagement, Christina posted a photo of her beachside celebration for Josh’s birthday. “You give me that teenage kinda love vibe and manly protection,” she wrote in the caption. 

The couple got married in 2022

They tied the knot in April 2022, a rep confirmed to TODAY. Christina has not shared any public photos from the wedding. However, she changed her display name on Instagram from "Christina Haack" to "Christina Hall."

The family has a new home in Newport Beach

The month they got married, the Halls moved from Dana Point, California, where they "fell in love with the ocean view," per an Instagram post, to Newport Beach.

Christina said the change came down to wanting a shorter commute to the kids' school. “Back to Newport we go,” she said on Instagram. “Near school and friends and work. Our new home is our long term family home. Coming from a restless soul my soul is ready to rest.”

The Halls also have a home in Tennessee.

Christina spoke about her past relationships, and not getting 'forever' the first time

Hall marked marriage number three for Christina. In an Instagram post from September 2021, Christina addressed her romantic past, and no one should feel "shamed" for things "not working out."

“Some people are lucky enough to get forever the first time but no one should be shamed for things not working out and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors — remember that before making judgements and assumptions,” she wrote in a July 2021 post on Instagram. “And this woman / mama is still lucky enough to have this man choose me.”

Josh defended Christina amid a custody battle, calling her an 'incredible woman'

On April 28, the same month as Christina and Josh got married, Anstead filed an emergency court order for full custody that was obtained by E! News and reviewed by TODAY. In the filing, Anstead claimed Christina only spends nine full days a month with Hudson.

A day later, California judge denied Anstead’s request

Josh defended his wife in an Instagram in a post uploaded the day after Anstead filed the court order, writing in part, “Christina is a very driven and incredible woman who has an ability to brush anything off and keep herself composed while being a positive influence in these kids lives while achieving success in anything she does.”

He added that "no one except those directly involved" knows about a situation "more than them."

Josh opened up about being a stepfather, and said Christina is 'worth it all'

In the same Instagram post, Josh also shared insight about being a stepfather.

"Never did I think taking on 3 kids from 2 other males would be easy. What I was sure of, the woman connected to them was worth it all. I am not these kids biological father, they have those. What I will be is the best example of a quality human being, always show them how to treat their mother with respect and support them in any way I can during their development," Josh wrote.

Josh said Christina is 'made to be a mother'

In May, Brayden — Christina and El Moussa's six-year-old son — had an emergency appendectomy, which Christina called a "scary day" on an Instagram post.

As Brayden recovered, Josh wrote a tribute post to Christina: "We will always remember this Mother’s Day and I will always remember why God made Christina a mother, because she was made for it."

Previously, Christina spoke about how Josh stands by her. "I’ve had some of my worst times in May. The difference is this May I have a man who treats me with unconditional love and respect. Standing by me and helping me through these times as I feel like I’m being sucker punched left and right," she said in a post.

The Halls spoke about 'co-parenting' with El Moussa

In May, Christina shared a photo on Instagram of her and Josh with El Moussa, their daughter Taylor, and his new bride, Heather Rae Young of “Selling Sunset.” 

Christina captioned the photo, “Co-parenting 101," explaining they came together for a school event for Taylor. "Kids come first," she wrote.

The Halls exchange vows during their wedding in Hawaii

In September, Christina shared on Instagram that she and Josh had a wedding on Maui, calling it "an amazing night filled with love."

"Shared vows in front of family and our close friends," the caption read. "Everything in life has led me to where I am right now, which is exactly where I want to be. My dream man on the dreamiest island. Maui holds a special place in my heart."