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Chrissy Teigen marks 1 year of sobriety: ‘I never want to be that way again’

The cookbook author reflected on the days she “should remember way better” but doesn’t because of alcohol.

Chrissy Teigen is celebrating a major milestone — a year of sobriety.

The 36-year-old cookbook author marked 365 days without alcohol by writing an honest message about her past drinking days.

“Not a drop of alcohol in 365 days! I miss feeling loopy and carefree sometimes, but to be honest toward the end, it didn’t give that fun feeling anymore anyhow,” Teigen wrote on Monday in an Instagram Reel, sharing photos and video from her recent travels in France. “I drank to end crazy anxiety that later mostly went away when I — get this — quit drinking! sigh.”

The former model added that she currently feels “really good” and “sometimes I get really frustrated looking back on days I should remember way better than I do because of alcohol.”

“Like when I drank cafe patron and fell asleep while an Outback Steakhouse chef taught me (my friends) how to make a bloomin onion at my house. I wish I was awake for that,” she candidly reflected. “Wish I remembered really any awards show lol.”

Teigen added that there are photos of “huge moments” in her life “where my eyes just look…gone. Some are from real work shoots, some just beach days with the family.”

“While I honestly STILL don’t know if I’ll never have a drink again, I do know I never want to be that way again,” she continued. “And for now, none is best.”

She concluded by writing that she will let “let the bad dreams come up and try to sort them out in therapy, without booze.” She jokingly also added that she hopes for an Outback Steakhouse bloomin onion redo.

Teigen’s husband, John Legend, commented, “Soooooo proud of you, my strong beautiful wife!”

She also posted a screenshot of her 365 days sober on her Instagram story, writing, “Finally lol.”

Chrissy Teigen celebrates one year of sobriety.
Chrissy Teigen celebrates one year of sobriety.Instagram Story/Chrissy Teigen

Teigen previously shared on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna in October that she decided to become sober because her drinking “got embarrassing,” especially around Legend.

“I just was like, I can’t be the messy one,” she shared. “This is embarrassing, and I don’t want to be waking up in the morning and being like, ‘Oh, what did I say?’ Like that’s so embarrassing and then it was just not worth it.”

Adding that she hadn’t gone more than a day or two without alcohol since she started drinking in her early 20s, Teigen said that “it was kind of an issue.” 

She noted that when she was doing interviews or working, she felt like she “needed a glass of wine.” 

“And then it just started to get embarrassing like at award shows and things and everyone memes it and thinks it’s funny and cute that you fell asleep or something,” she said, referencing the 2017 Oscars when she went viral for falling asleep during the ceremony. 

Her May 2021 cyberbully controversy involving model Courtney Stodden also helped her decision to get sober. Teigen faced claims that she cyberbullied a then-teen Stodden in 2011. While she issued an apology, Teigen later faced backlash over resurfaced controversial tweets

“I think you learn so much in the moments where you do lose so much, you lose it all, your world is kind of turned upside down,” Teigen told Hoda. “For me it was a big moment of, ‘Wow, I need to find out how I can be better, how I can grow from this, learn from this.’