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Chrishell Stause responds to Maya Vander’s viral expression after hearing news of G Flip relationship

Vander appeared to look confused when Stause revealed she was dating the nonbinary Australian singer G Flip at the "Selling Sunset" reunion.
Maya Vander at the "Selling Sunset" reunion
Maya Vander at the "Selling Sunset" reunionNetflix / Getty Images for Netflix

Chrishell Stause unveiled some personal news at the "Selling Sunset" reunion — and Maya Vander couldn't seem to hide her surprise.

Season Five of "Selling Sunset," filmed in 2021, tracks the rise and fall of Stause's relationship with boss Jason Oppenheim, co-owner of the Oppenheim Group real estate brokerage. They ultimately split over differing desires to have a family: She wants children, and he decided he doesn't.

In the months since, Stause has started a relationship with the Australian singer G Flip, 27, who identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.

At the reunion, filmed after the Season Five premiere, Stause announced her new relationship — which, while rumored, had not been confirmed until that point.

As Stause shared her news, Vander narrowed her eyes and wore an expression of what seemed to be shock. Her look went viral, and was one of the talking points from the reunion.

Speaking to host Tan France, Vander said she was "still processing" Stause's announcement, but was "happy" for her. "Whatever makes people happy, it doesn’t matter," she said.

Vander then addressed the fact that Stause openly wants children, and wondered how her new relationship squares into her plans for a family. "I know how she wants to be a mom, and hopefully G Flip is in the same boat, or whatever," she said.

Stause provided an answer on Mother's Day. She posted a photo on Instagram nodding cheekily to Vander's expression, as well as getting her own point across.

During the reunion, Stause said she hopes to move forward with starting a family on her own, citing adoption as a potential route. However, she said, she's "taking some of the pressure off" herself.

Stause used Vander's face for a meme about other people's confusion about her stated plans. "Me realizing how many people didn’t know you can adopt children on your own,” the caption read, over a picture of Vander.

Stause used Vander's confusion as a stand-in for audiences' reaction to the news of her new relationship. "I know a lot of you are confused. But what is important is that I am not," she said.

In the caption, Stause clarified the Instagram post was done with Vander's approval: “(Maya) is a supporting beautiful mom and we laughed about this before posting,” she said.

Continuing her tongue-in-cheek approach to her personal life, Stause also joked about "coming out of the closet" on an Instagram Story over the weekend, during which she literally walked out of a closet.

Stause addressed her sexuality during the reunion. She said “nothing has really changed” for her as a result of her relationship with G Flip, who came out as nonbinary in 2021.

“I’m still very attracted to masculine energy and a good human. I hear people talk about these things and they’re like, ‘I knew from a young age.’ That’s not me. I’m very open to good energy and I don’t know what my future holds,” Stause told her "Selling Sunset" co-stars.

And on Instagram, Stause thanked everyone who took her news in stride. "Thank you to the beautiful open minds that have shown support. I want to hug you," she concluded in the post.