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Chrishell Stause bought a house with money from ring after Justin Hartley divorce

The reality star talks about her divorce and her new memoir in the latest episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”
The Kelly Clarkson Show - Season 3
Chrishell Stause told Kelly Clarkson that her music has helped her through many breakups.Weiss Eubanks / NBCUniversal

Chrishell Stause certainly put her wedding ring to good use when her ex-husband Justin Hartley filed for divorce in 2019.

In a new interview with Kelly Clarkson, the "Selling Sunset" star reveals that she sold the bling to help pay for her new house.

"Was that therapeutic? 'Cause I love that. That's funny," the talk show host said.

“When sometimes life gives you lemons, sometimes you’ve gotta add a little vodka," Stause replied. "I was trying to, you know, make the best out of a situation."  

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Hartley filed for divorce in 2019 after two years of marriage.Michael Kovac / Getty Images for Moet & Chandon

Clarkson was totally supportive of the idea and applauded the reality star for focusing on herself after the breakup.

"I mean, what are you supposed to do, keep wearing it?" she said. "I think that's amazing. You did something good with the money."

Stause, who has been exploring her career as a real estate agent in Netflix's series "Selling Sunset," also revealed that she has another way to help her deal with heartbreak: listening to Clarkson's music.

"Your music has gotten me through many a breakup, so thank you for that," she said. "You’ve helped all of us."

The 40-year-old opens up about love and life in her new memoir, “Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took a Little Work,” and she told Clarkson that it was therapeutic to talk about about past breakups while writing the book.

"I do think that this was just a cathartic situation because so much is said out there (on social media and in the news) and sometimes there's not a lot of context," she said. "I am healed; there's no anger there. So it's nice to kind of give context and tell a story that I know a lot of people have related to."

Clarkson agreed and said that memoirs are often an opportunity to share the unfiltered side of your life with your fans.

"On Instagram and stuff you only see the good stuff so it's nice to kind of get into the real stuff and explain how you go from there to getting back to the good part," Stause agreed.