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Candace Cameron Bure gets a hilarious 'Full House'-themed birthday video from co-star Andrea Barber

She-Wolf Pack forever!

Andrea Barber channeled her "Full House" character Kimmy Gibbler to create an epic birthday video for her bestie Candace Cameron Bure (aka D.J. Tanner).

Even though it was intended to mark Bure's 46th birthday, the nearly four-minute video was also a sweet treat for fans of the hit show, and the actor sprinkled in a plethora of "Full House" references throughout her entertaining performance. For instance, the 45-year-old started the birthday message by humming the show's iconic theme song.

Dressed in a bacon and eggs scarf that Kimmy wore during the first season of "Fuller House," Barber stayed in character the entire time. She also playfully poked fun at Jodie Sweetin's character Stephanie, who Kimmy had her differences with, and said she was trying to butt in and make an appearance during her video.

“Way to phone it in, Stephanie. She can't call you herself or do her own Cameo for you," Barber said, referring to the website that lets people pay celebrities to make personalized videos for them.

Barber then went on to say that Stephanie's behavior just proves that Kimmy is D.J.'s true best friend.

"Anyways, I guess I'm just securing my place as favorite She-Wolf," she said, using a term that D.J., Kimmy and Stephanie often used during "Fuller House" to describe their friendship.

Talk about a blast from the past! Barber and Bure are seen here in season 3 of "Full House." ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images

While she was venting about Stephanie, Barber also referenced a plotline from the last season of "Fuller House," which saw Kimmy acting as a surrogate for Stephanie and her boyfriend (Kimmy's brother Jimmy).

“I carried and birthed her baby for her and how does she repay me? We don’t even see the kid anymore,” she said, seemingly referring to the fact that the show is now over. “We saw the kid what, once, twice, maybe?”

Barber then went on to wonder what happened to the baby and who is taking care of it now.

“So is the baby raising itself in the attic? I have no idea. How rude of Stephanie to keep this baby away from us,” she said, borrowing Stephanie’s signature line from “Full House.”

Barber acknowledged that Kimmy and D.J. have been friends for 36 years and even broke out an old photo of them with Stephanie to joke about their old hairstyles.

The actor even did a "Gibbler Gallop" dance in honor of her friend's birthday.

 "I'm sorry that I can't celebrate there with you right now but don't worry, I'll return to the Tanner house very soon because I just can't stay away. Like a boomerang, I just keep coming back," she said.

Barber ended her hilarious video by saying that D.J. and Kimmy will be best friends forever and broke into the song "Forever" by D.J.'s uncle Jesse and his band Jesse and the Rippers.

Bure lent the post her seal of approval and shared it on her Instagram page, writing “This was too great not to share!! @andreabarber WINS best birthday message EVER!!!! I love you Kimmy!!! Stephanie, take note 🤣! @jodiesweetin.”

The 46-year-old also shared a photo from her birthday celebration with her family and captioned the post," Love my men!!! Happy birthday to me 😊#Thisis46."