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Brenda Song on the 1 thing she and Macaulay Culkin do that ‘calms’ her: ‘I cherish it’

She also shared that she and Culkin do not have a nanny.

As parents to a 10-month-old baby, Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin don’t have a lot of downtime, but they have found ways to stay connected as a couple.

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Song and Culkin have been together for about four years and recently got engaged.Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Stand Up To Cancer

“My (fiancé) and I always get into bed and chat about our days and the next day. When I was working he’d wake up with me to chat. Now we do it at night, after our son goes down,” Song said in a recent interview with The Cut. “It calms me. It sounds small, but I cherish it. It’s nice to wind down with someone you love.”

Song, 33, and Culkin, 41, welcomed their son, Dakota Song Culkin, in April 2021 and recently got engaged.

Song, who is set to star in the second season of the Hulu comedy “Dollface,” opened up about how she has balanced parenting with a demanding filming schedule.

She revealed that she and Culkin do not have a nanny, but that her mom has been helping out since Dakota was born.

“When I was working, my mom would bring him to set so I could breastfeed and see him during the day,” she said. “People tell you a lot about labor and pregnancy, but not about the fourth trimester. To my girlfriends that are pregnant I say, make sure you have help. Because your instinct is to want to do it all and you physically can’t.”

Song said her co-star, Kat Dennings, also supported her as she continued pumping and breastfeeding on set.

“Me and Kat would sit there and go over lines,” Song said. “She was the best, hiding me and holding up my sweater while I pumped.”

Song also shared some details about her daily routine, which she said now “revolves around” her son.

“I wake up, get him out of his crib, change him, get our breakfast ready, and drink my matcha. As a new parent, I don’t sleep at all,” she said. “I’m someone who likes to wake up and go-go-go. Now, it’s when I put my son down for his first nap that I get my work done. I take that time to do emails and plan my day. I try to do everything in his nap-time window.”

She added that if she has time, she’ll squeeze in an at-home workout.

“To be the best mom, I have to be the best me,” she said. “And exercise helps me not worry or overthink.”

Song also opened up about how her mother, who is a four-time breast cancer survivor, has changed her approach to life.

“A lot of my perspective changed seeing her fight for her life, literally every day,” she said. “Everyone is so scared to grow old, and that’s all my mother wants. She says, ‘I just want to grow old.’ So now I treat every single day as a gift.”