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Brad Pitt was asked about wearing a skirt. His response? ‘We’re all going to die’

Turns out the leggy look wasn't just a way to beat the heat.

With temperatures soaring across Europe this summer, Brad Pitt’s recent decision to wear a light and airy linen skirt on a red carpet in Germany might have seemed like a sartorial surprise from the star, but it made sense.

However, the actor was just asked about his fashion-forward choice, and he didn’t say a word about beating the heat. 

"Bullet Train" Red Carpet Screening In Berlin
Brad Pitt attends the "Bullet Train" red carpet screening at Zoo Palast on July 19, 2022, in Berlin. Ben Kriemann / Getty Images

So what was really behind the leggy look he sported at the Berlin screening for "Bullet Train"?

“I don’t know!" Pitt said when a Variety reporter inquired. "We’re all going to die, so let’s mess it up."

Call it existential style or post-pandemic fashion freedom, but it seems to mean the 58-year-old actor plans to wear whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

And evidently, at Monday’s “Bullet Train” premiere in Los Angeles, Pitt wanted to unveil another bold look — though he kept his legs completely covered. 

Image:  Brad Pitt attends the premiere of  "Bullet Train" on August 1, 2022 in Los Angeles, Calif.
Brad Pitt attends the premiere of "Bullet Train" on August 1, 2022, in Los Angeles. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

For the pink carpet at the Regency Village Theatre, Pitt wore a vivid green suit with drawstring pants and a contrasting teal top — all likely from the same private-label designer who created his skirt, Haans Nicholas Mott — and he teamed it up with a pair of bright yellow sneakers. 

Pitt has turned to Mott for his ensembles throughout his promotional work for "Bullet Train," and in an email to GQ, the designer noted that the skirt that gained so much attention was the star's idea, not his.

Mott wrote, “i love working with mr pitt because he has a clear sense of how he wants to be in the world and we make work in that space, i.e. mr pitt proposing an espresso linen skirt to go with the linen jacket."

The end result is a sort of collaboration between the two.

"there is an accord between mr pitt’s vision of our shared space and my freedom to navigate within it," Mott continued. "his sense of color / fit / texture / pattern is utterly nuanced and genuinely special.”

In other words, expect Pitt's daring fashion sense to continue.