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Billie Eilish recalls the ‘magical’ moment she met her first fan: ‘I just held her’ 

Eilish was initially taken aback when she noticed a young girl waiting outside an arena for her, then the singer realized she was a fan.
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish has loads of fans now, but five years ago she was totally flattered to have even one person wait outside her concert to meet her.Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

Billie Eilish will never forget the first time she met one of her fans in person.

In a new interview with James Corden, the singer recalls how surprised she was at the beginning of her career when one of her fans waited outside an arena to catch a glimpse of her.

At the time, Eilish was only 15 years old and she was about to play her first headline show in London, in front of around 130 people. As she pulled up to the venue, the budding singer noticed a young girl standing outside with her mother.

“I was like, ‘What are they doing here?’ Who is that?’" she recalled.

Eilish, now 20, couldn’t understand why the girl was staring at her car so intently.

“And I opened the door and she looked at me. And she looked so happy and surprised,” the “Bad Guy” singer said.

Eilish then realized the girl was so excited because she was a fan, and she was totally flattered.

"She was the first person to ever stand in line to meet me ever in my life. I gave her the biggest hug and I took a picture with her and I just held her, and she was so sweet," she explained. "It was really magical."

Eilish described the entire night as "amazing" and said she enjoyed getting to meet everyone who came to the show after it ended.

"I talked to them all, every single person, it took like two hours," she recalled.

Connecting with her fans is a priority for Eilish, and she said she always enjoys seeing their faces during a concert.

"I have this part of my show where I'm up on this cherry picker arm ... I go around the arena and I get to see all the people that are up in the stands, and it's so unbelievably magical and surreal," she told Corden.