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Al Roker thanks strangers who helped after his car battery died: ‘Jump started our weekend!!’

Al and his wife, Deborah Roberts, had their weekend "jump started" by a couple who helped them after their car battery died.

Al Roker is thanking some kind folks in his neck of the woods after they "jump started" his weekend.

The TODAY weatherman and his wife, Deborah Roberts, shared on Instagram over the weekend how a couple came to their rescue after their car battery died when they went out to dinner in upstate New York.

Roberts shared a photo on Instagram Saturday of a happy Al giving a thumbs-up over the opened hood of their car, which Al also shared on the photo- and video-sharing platform Sunday.

A smiling couple stands in the background after they helped Al and his wife avoid a headache following their dinner on Aug. 12 at the Blue Plate restaurant in Chatham, New York.

"The kindness of strangers," Roberts wrote on Instagram. "After a nice dinner…a bummer. The car battery was dead. What to do? I took a chance and approached a stranger for jumper cables. And Phil and his sweet family came to the rescue! No 5 mile walk for us tonight! Yay Phil. Thanks for the #kindness @alroker"

"Angels watching over you!" one person commented.

As much as Al loves his walking routine, he was also happy to not make a 5-mile trek home — especially when he was the culprit for the car battery failure.

"I left the lights on our car during dinner and the battery died but these nice folks gave us a jump!!!" he wrote on Instagram. "Jump started our weekend!!"

"Kindness still exists!!!" one person commented.

"Good things happen to good people!!" another person wrote.

After being able to drive home Friday night, Al made sure to get his steps in over the next two days. He shared a video on Instagram Sunday with a special appearance from Roberts during his daily walk as part of the TODAY 30-day walking challenge.

"That time @debrobertsabc made a cameo during our @todayshow Day 14 of the #starttoday #30daywalkingchallenge," he wrote.