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Plotlines blaze up in ‘Housewives’ fire

Dave set the "Desperate Housewives" nightclub fire to cover up the murder of his doctor, but he also ran back into the flames to save Mike.
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Hot, hot, hot: OK, so the "Desperate Housewives" nightclub fire couldn't help being creepily similar to the Great White nightclub fire in Rhode Island in 2003. But did the club actually have to be named the White Horse, sharing one of the two words in Great White's name?

That aside, the fire ended up serving as a surprisingly strong sweeps-month stunt, tying together some plotlines and developing others. At the heart of the episode: Dave's court-appointed psychiatrist, the one who specialized in criminal insanity, proved that he knew nothing at all about the criminal mind. Without any backup or police assistance, he tracked Dave to Fairview, confronted him, and blindly followed him into a backstage storage room just because Dave asked him to do so. Sorry, but this doc was just too dumb to deal with criminal masterminds, and Dave strangling him to death, then setting the club on fire to hide his crime, was no surprise to anyone but the dense doc himself.

Hot for teacher: Julie, Susan's amazingly normal daughter, returned to Fairview with a professor-turned-boyfriend. Susan was freaked out that her daughter's beau, Lloyd, was married three times (only one more than Susan herself, he pointed out). When Susan ruined his surprise proposal, however, she learned Julie was surprised by her man's intentions as her mother was. Julie told them both that she never plans to get married because she's seen what a mess her mother has made of it. Nice going, Susan.

Digging for scandal: A New York reporter, Sandra (played by the always-awesome Rachael Harris) came to town to interview Bree. Of course, everyone's favorite redhead tried to gloss up the perfection of her life, but the true facts (Orson's prison days, dead Rex's fondness for S&M) started to trickle out. In the end, Sandra confronted Bree about her fake perfection, and Bree responded with an eloquent speech about how all housewives, even her, are just barely holding it together. That angle touched the reporter, and Bree can breathe a little easier now.

Money for nothing: Yes, Virginia's false accusations got Carlos fired, but she apparently repented, got him rehired, and put the Solis family in her will -- as sole heirs. Gaby tried to go along with Virginia's whims with her eyes on that eventual prize, but when Virginia tried to dictate the school the Solis girls would attend,  Mom Gaby finally said no. They're apparently out of the will, even though Gaby dragged Virginia out of the nightclub fire.

Having my baby: While it's not yet clear if Anne is really pregnant, apparently she wasn't lying about brutal husband Warren. When Lynette confronted Anne about the affair, Warren overheard. Lynette left, but felt guilty and went back to find Warren beating Anne brutally. She stopped the beating and got Anne to the hospital. But apparently Warren was never taken into custody, as he was free and clear at his nightclub hosting the Battle of the Bands that same night. A furious Porter confronted the man who beat his girlfriend, and after the fire, it was Porter that Warren accused of burning the club down.