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Plane crash details revealed on ‘Housewives’

The crash took three lives in Fairview and forced all of the women to imagine futures for themselves that may or may not come true.
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Goodbye, Karl: The plane crash took three lives on Wisteria Lane, including that of Karl, Julie's father, Susan's ex-husband and Bree's lover. Susan imagines what her life would have been like had she given her cheating ex another chance, and her fantasy involves a frustrated and sad version of herself gaining weight and coming on to a very uninterested Mike. She then loses the weight, but Karl leaves her anyway, so putting Teri Hatcher in a fat suit (and of course, having her stuff down cookies and cookie dough while wearing badly fitting clothes) seemed weird and just mean.

Life on wheels? Bree was devastated at Karl's death, but imagined a future where he cheated on her too, just as he had cheated on Susan. She then imagined a future where Orson had no life after she left him, surrounding himself with her photos and never remarrying. In real life, the doctor told her Orson would likely be paralyzed, so she'll have to decide if she'll leave him anyway or stay and help him get used to his new world.

More mysterious tidbits: While creepy, blackmailing Mona hung between life and death, Angie envisioned a world where Mona went to the cops and revealed Angie's true identity. In this world, she's Angie DeLuca, and a cop taunts her about her scary former lover, Patrick Logan, as Angie confesses it's really him the family is running from, not the authorities. She envisions a trial where she receives life without parole for undescribed actions that involved the death of a good family man, claiming that "no one was supposed to get hurt. ... We believed in something and wanted others to believe, too." (Angie seems a bit young to be in the , but that seems like the kind of scenario they're hinting at.) But then Mona dies, so for now, Angie and family are still safe.

Lights, camera, action! Lynette saved Celia's life by pulling her out of the way of the plane, and Gaby believes her daughter was saved for a reason. In her fantasy, she envisions that Celia was saved to be an actress, and sees a horrible future where Carlos leaves her because she becomes a stage mother who won't let Celia lead a normal life. When she wakes up, she realizes her daughter is just fine the way she is and doesn't need a glamorous reason for being saved.

Baby mine: The show's ending story was its saddest. One of Lynette's unborn twins was in danger and the doctor told her he could be born disabled. Lynette envisioned a future in which she struggled to accept and help her son. Her fantasy ended with him thanking his dedicated mother as he graduated law school. But in the real world, she woke only to have Tom tell her that although the other twin appeared fine, one had died.