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Pivot! Courteney Cox re-creates classic 'Friends' scene in real life

On a classic "Friends" episode, the gang had a devil of a time moving furniture, but crying "pivot!" seems to have worked just fine for Courteney Cox.
/ Source: TODAY

We all think of "Friends" as a classic sitcom, but sometimes it can actually be a manual for real life!

Just take former star Courteney Cox, who helped orchestrate moving a table around a house over the weekend. In an Instagram video she posted Sunday, three men lift, pull and maneuver the piece of furniture into a new locale while Cox barks out advice and instructions.

"Don't scratch the walls!" she orders. "Pivot. Pivot!"

"Friends" fans will know exactly how hilarious that really is.

In 1999, a "Friends" scene starring David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry involved their characters Ross, Rachel and Chandler trying to carry a couch up a winding flight of stairs. Schwimmer's Ross had it all mapped out with a drawing, and as they lifted and twisted he kept yelling, "Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!"

Fortunately Cox, 54, had a much easier time of it. In the end, the video shows the table now in its final resting place, and one of her helpers collapsing in exhaustion on the bed.

Alas, Ross wasn't so lucky: his sofa ended up cut in half and he tried (unsuccessfully) to return it to the store. Now, it probably could have made it up the stairs, as one mathematician revealed last year (via The Fresh Toast), but so far as we know, Ross' drawing was more about images than numbers.

Tables, it seems, are much easier.