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Pink talks about how her father's death influenced ‘Trustfall’

The singer opened about how the grief she faced after her father died in 2021 became the basis for a song on her new album.
/ Source: TODAY

Pink pulled inspiration for her newest album from the death of her father, Jim Moore, in 2021.

The “What About Us” singer opened up to USA Today ahead of the release of her ninth studio album “Trustfall" to discuss how her grief became the foundation of the first track on the album, “When I Get There.”

“I lost my dad (in August 2021) and eight months later I lost someone very, very, very close to me,” she explained. “So within a year, I lost two of my favorite people. ‘When I Get There’ is beautiful because it’s simple. It sort of distills down that (thought of), I wonder where you’re at and if everything’s OK.”

Pink, born Alecia Moore, released the lyric video for “When I Get There” on Valentine’s Day, which featured home videos of the singer from her childhood. She will go on tour for "Trustfall" this fall.

The video honored her late father and included a voiceover from the veteran that played over several of the throwback clips.

“I thought it would be nice if you had some memories of how it all began and where you all came from, and some of the memories through the years,” her father said. “It’ll always be so important to all of us.”

On Instagram, Pink shared a clip from the video, penning an emotional note in the caption about her dad. 

“Sometimes love leaves us too soon. On Valentine’s Day- I cherish the love I have that I can touch- and the love I have in my heart for those who have gone on to the next adventure,” she wrote. “This one’s for you, Daddy Sir. #whenigetthere #trustfall #hewasmyfirstvalentine.”

During her interview with USA Today, she also reflected what role the emotional events of the last few years — including the pandemic and her father’s death — played in creating her new album and why it became a "three-year process."

"With the pandemic and my dad’s passing and then any time your kid is sick, it distills down what is important," she said. "And when a parent passes away, it’s like this suitcase you’re going to be unpacking the rest of your life, which also makes you think about well, who am I and who do I want to be and what’s keeping me from that? And then, what are my priorities?”

She continued, adding, “My priorities are to live an authentic human experience and be completely transparent about it and to love and cuddle with my kids as long as they’ll let me.”

Pink has shared several tributes dedicated to her father since his death. 

In Oct. 2021 on what would have been his 76th birthday, she penned a heartfelt message on Instagram dedicated to her late father. She wrote in part, “I don’t know where you are. And therefore I don’t know where I am either. Anyways Happy birthday Daddy Sir. Gone but not forgotten. I won’t miss you yet. I’m not ready.”

A year after his death, Pink paid tribute to her father on Instagram, sharing several photos of the father-daughter duo, including a photo of the singer taken during her final moments with her dad. 

“I sat with you tonight dad. One year ago. It was the last time I sat with you,” she wrote. “You were sleeping. Like when I was two and three and would sneak into your room during a thunderstorm and stand inches from your face. Waiting for you to wake up and see me. Waiting for you to lift up the covers and let me in. Keep me safe. Waiting for a song that could drift us both back to sleep.”

She continued, adding, “I miss you. I miss your goofy. I miss talking to you. I miss fighting with you. I miss you telling me that you liked that new song. I miss hearing you be proud of me.”

“Jimbo. We all miss you,” she concluded the caption. “I loved you more. And you loved me most, first, and always.”