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Pink opens up about 3-year-old son's coronavirus symptoms: He's 'been really, really sick'

Days after revealing that she had tested positive for COVID-19, the singer-songwriter details her son’s own battle with the virus.
/ Source: TODAY

Battling coronavirus hasn’t been easy for Pink, but the hardest part of her recovery has been watching her child suffer through his own ailment at the same time.

Just days ago, the singer-songwriter and mother of two revealed that she had tested positive for the illness that’s impacted so many across the globe and that her son, Jameson, shared many of the same symptoms.

Now she’s opening up about just how sick the 3-year-old has been.

Jameson “had the worst of it,” the 40-year-old revealed in an Instagram Live interview with author Jen Pastiloff.

“There’s been many nights where I’ve cried, and I’ve never prayed more in my life,” she confessed. “It’s funny, at one point, I heard myself saying, ‘I thought they promised our kids would be OK.' But it’s not guaranteed. There’s no one that is safe from this.”

The singer is right: While most children may experience mild symptoms, the disease is not sparing kids.

Last month, an infant in Chicago died after testing positive for COVID-19. A 1-year-old in Colorado experienced seizures due to a high fever and was presumed to have COVID-19. A newborn baby in Connecticut tested positive for the coronavirus and is believed to be the youngest person to die from complications from the disease.

So far, husband Carey Hart and their 8-year-old daughter, Willow, have yet to show any signs of the illness, Pink said.

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“Jameson’s been really, really sick,” she noted. “I’ve kept a journal of his symptoms for the past three weeks and mine as well. He still, three weeks later, has a 100 temperature. It’s been a roller coaster. It’s been a different kind of roller coaster for both of us. But Carey and Willow have been perfectly fine."

Despite the lingering fever, Jameson made an appearance during the interview to say “hi” and to announce that he’s “feeling better.”

In fact, according to Pink’s original post, they were recently “re-tested” and “are now thankfully negative” for coronavirus.

As for their ability to get multiple tests when so many in the U.S. have faced difficulty getting tested at all, Pink faced backlash on social media over it, and she responded to that point in her chat with Pastiloff.

“I was able to get a test, and you know, I totally understand why people are pissed off by that. I totally understand,” she said. “I had two tests before the labs could even get them right. And I was lucky enough to get two tests because we were both sick, and because I paid money for them.”

She added, “I think it’s a complete failure of the government that we can’t all just get tested right now."